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Developing a great Serve

(The following notes have been altered from notes kept by saia when she was in fact a Gorean slave. The same principles remain and it is hoped that from these notes the submissive will be able to gather fun and enjoyment from serving their Dom/me s)

Why is a serve important?

A serve is important because it is one of the most common action of a submissive in the public eye. It is the time for the slave to shine, to woo the Dom/mes and show off a girl's skill and devotion to the serve. It is also a time for a submissive to make her Dom/me proud of her. There is nothing sweeter than one Dom/me complimenting another on the actions of his sub.

The 7 basic steps of a serve:
We will be going over each step individually in greater detail.
               1. Going to the serving area
               2. Choosing/getting a drinking vessel
               3. Cleaning the vessel
               4. Getting/Preparing the drink
               5. Returning to the Master
               6. Kneeling position/posture
               7. Actual serve

1. Going to the servery/serving area. This is where you rise from where ever you are and walk to the serving area. Check the layout of the room on the website under "the Manor" It would help to know the layout of the place you are serving in because you could  come up with very different beginnings to the serve,  For example: - Weaving your way through the chairs, carefully to the servery... - Padding quietly over the cool tile of the room.. etc etc
Also, this first pose will set the tone of the serve as well as get the attention of those in the room. Adding particulars about one's body movement and room bring your serve alive.
"saia rises from the pillow and moves silently to the servery... only the whisper of her silks upon her skin accompanies her graceful, feline steps. She weaves her way
carefully through the chairs and the other patrons, pausing at the shelves to choose a goblet/crystal glass for the "drink" worthy of the Dom/me she serves."

 2. Choosing/getting a drinking vessel. Once you decide on the drinking vessel (goblet, bowl, mug or stein), you need to get it from the shelves. This is a good time to show off a bit of yourself - either as blatant or subtle as you wish. This girl likes to add eye-catching text to bring attention to her serve. Usually the vessel is up high or down low to add an effort to getting it.

 "saia smiles, emerald eyes finding what she seeks - a beautiful cyrstal goblet upon the top shelf. She .. s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s tall for it, body taunt, curves outlined in the light at she reaches for the goblet. A soft gasp escapes the girl's lips as she feels her sensitive nipples brush over one of the lower shelves. Tilting the goblet to her, she catchs it with a deft flick of her wrist. "

3. Cleaning the vessel Cleaning the vessel shows that you care about getting the best for the Dom/me you are serving. You can clean the vessel with a towel or hem of your silks /dress - examining it for imperfections.

"saia gathers the soft towel to her and shines the goblet to a gleam. She winks at her reflection as the motion of her hand makes her nipples play hide and seek within her silken garb. Sharp eyes examine the goblet for any cracks or imperfections. A smile graces her red lips as she finds none. "
 4. Getting/Preparing the drink. This is one of the more intricate steps to a serve. Many of the drinks have their particular way of being prepared - and time must be put into preparing the drink accordingly ... try and remember favourite drinks for favourite Dom/mes.

5. Returning to the Master Returning to the Dom/me is also a time to show off and to focus the attention on you and the Dom/me  you serve. This alerts the Dom/me  that he/she is now coming to the center of your attention.

 "saia gathers the tray to her and turns, mane of fire hair flaring about her ... emerald  eyes seeking out the Dom/me  as she moves to him/her, hips swaying to and fro in an invitation to dance a s favorite dance. She slows her steps so that the Dom/me  may enjoy her female body in motion... lowering her eyes in respect as she reachs him/her and sinks to her knees at his/her feet. "

 6. Kneeling position/posture.  A pleasure sub kneels  before the Dom/me , displaying herself. She is openly seductive, sensual and submissive to the Dom/me  she is serving.

"saia kneels before the Dom/me , carriage tall, back arching slightly, offering up her body as she parts her thighs wide for his pleasure and to encourage his gaze upon her female form. She lifts her chin proudly, displaying her collar, keeping her emerald eyes lowered.... the drinks tray resting upon her thigh."

7. Actual serve. There are two parts to the actual serve - the physical motion and a spoken blessing. In the physical motion - the vessel must be brought to the slave's heart (to show devotion) and then to the lips for a kiss (and a sip, in some cases) to show that the drink is not poisoned and then to bow her head and offer up the vessel.

 -Final thoughts and tips to an awesome serve
 1. Always acknowledge the Master's command for service. That way you can take your time in typing out the first pose.

2. NEVER use pop-ups. Pop-ups seem lazy and inconsiderate.

 3. Tailor the serve to the Dom/me  AND the place - if you are in a relaxed atmosphere, a playful serve is fine but a girl would not suggest playing around if you are in a strict channel or if there is a lot of tension in the air. Also, the Master's preference is to be held paramount - if he /she wishes short poses for the getting of the drink and a long one for the serve... that is the way you do it. If need be - whisper to the Dom/me  (asking permission first) to get his particular likes and dislikes. Many Dom/me  have very particular expectations in the serving of their drinks.

4. Add details like wrinkling your nose at the smell of the liquor or shivering at the cold goblet as it touches your skin. Make your own trade mark. Details make the serve more interesting... and that helps you stand out.

5. In the serving of food and preparing it... be care ful in your selection of instruments as  Dom/me s usually do not like subs to be using knives etc.

6. When serving food, alway mention arranging it in a pleasant manner to suit the taste of the one you serve. Also, in serving the plate of food, always kiss the rim of it before you offer.

W/we hope that you get the most out of being a submissive and just for support , W/we directs you to the page called "dedication"

                                            serve well!

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