Laurence Cottle (bass)

A bass maestro, coming from Wales. His trajectory is quite unexpected, as he has moved from heavy metal to jazz fusion!

Around October 1988, he played with Black Sabbath.

Tony Martin (vocals)
Tony Iommi (guitar)
Laurence Cottle (bass)
Geoff Nicholls (keyboards)
Cozy Powell (drums)
They release Headless cross, produced by Cozy himself. But around May 1989, Cottle quits (and Neil Murray joins them).

In 1992, he is in the Mike Oldfield band assembled for the performance of Tubular Bells II:

Mike Oldfield (guitar)
Hugh Burns (guitar)
Jay Stapley (guitar)
Alan Limbrick (guitar)
Laurence Cottle (bass)
Craig Pruess (keyboards)
Richie Cottle (keyboards)
Dave Hartley (keyboards)
Yitkin Seow (keyboards)
Pete Clarke (violin)
Ben Hoffnung (percussion)
Alasdair Malloy (percussion)
Ian Thomas (drums)
He also played around 1992 with a very good fusion band called Network:
Tim Crowther (guitar)
Laurence Cottle (bass)
Pete Jacobson (keyboards)
Ted Emmett (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Steve Clarke (drums)
He was a founder member of The Fents. I need help with info here!!

In 1995, this is the lineup for his own Laurence Cottle Quintet:

Laurence Cottle (bass)
Graham Harvey (keyboards)
Nigel Hitchcock (sax)
Gerard Presencer (trumpet)
Ian Thomas (drums)
They released a live album that same year, as well as gigging from time to time.

In 1999, he also made some concerts as part of Martin Drew band, a jazz combo:

Martin Drew (drums)
Laurence Cottle (bass)
Gareth Williams (piano)
Mornington Lockett (sax)
In year 2000, we find him playing with Bill LeSage's Bebop 2000: They recorded the album Confirmation. Bill LeSage died soon after.

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