Ancillary Department
:the staff:

"You'll be safe here"

This is another part of Manila Science High School that we are very proud of. It is the only clinic in Manila, which offers twenty-four hours of service, having only a dentist and a nurse who work hand-in-hand to make the clinic the most heart-warming and accommodating health center ever. A student, whenever having some ailment, needs not worry for he/she will surely be comforted and well-taken care by the two personnel in charge of providing health care.

The members
  • Dr. Liza Rose M. Masiglat
  • Irma M. Herrera


  • Canteen
    This branch of MSHS is a very competitive one for the service being offered is definitely highly satisfactory. The foods satisfy the students' taste and it fulfills our hunger at a reasonable price. For this, the canteen has become the students' favorite place. Aside from this fact, the students are fond of hanging out in this area because of the friendly atmosphere created by the people behind the success of the school canteen.

    The members
  • Orlando Rosario
  • Ermani Sevilla
  • Elizabeth Roquillo


  • Open Area
    This includes quad A, quad B, the hall behnd Maceda building (the newest building on Masci), the front and back of H.A. Bordner (Masci's first building) and of course, the garden. Here we can see the guards, the school driver and the santary engineers.


    LIBRARY "You got the right place"

    A usual library is a place where students study, do their assignments, and make their research works. But life here in Manila Science High School library is far more different. Instead, the library is used only for film showings and for display purposes. But still we Mascians consider ourselves lucky for having this kind of library this is one of a kind! And this is because of the following reasons: this is always open from 7 am to 6 pm from Mondays to Fridays, the desks and chairs are well-wiped, the books are always updated, and last but not the least, the very friendly and approachable… librarians.

    The members
  • Mrs. Annie Almeda
  • Barbara Urbino

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