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My fave movies are Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The Movies, Cast, and Director were great! (I also like the Star Wars Series too!)
And a BIG Thank-you to J.R.R. Tolkien for writing the books.
Peter Jackson's vision of New Zealand as Middle-earth was fantastic. Very believable and altogether unforgettable.
Thank you very much. I will remember the movies always. (It's not hard, I have practically committed them to memory.):)

Please check out my page for
LOTR song parodies, and my page for LOTR commercial parodies. They were created by me.

Please sign my guestbook. If you wish to email me please put LOTR in the subject line or it will be deleted as spam.
If you want your LOTR related fiction, have a LOTR joke to share, or maybe a LOTR picture caption, please submit it and I will most likely post it.
Please dont link directly to anything. But please feel free to book-mark a page.
Thank you and Please come again. :)

Here is a link to a great song about 'taters', or a new vid on 'taters'. Thanks Deenan. And here is Gollum Rap .

Jan 13, '05 -- Happy 28th Birthday Orlando Bloom.
Jan 11, '05 -- Happy Birthday to ME!!
Jan 1, '05 -- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
ec 25, '04 -- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Dec 16, '04 -- Happy Birthday Miranda Otto, and to my Dad!
Dec 15, '04 -- Congratulations Liv Tyler, on the birth of your baby boy!!
Nov 27, '04 -- Sorry i havent been updating. i havent had a lot of time for this in the past while. of course it hasnt helped, that i havent been able to log on to geocities for a couple weeks either.
Nov 12, '04 -- Happy 34th Birthday Craig Parker.
Nov 6, '04 -- Here is some news on Viggo.
Here is some
good news about Patty Duke.
more news about the book written after lotr stars were duped by con artists.
Elijah is now scheduled for ORC.
get your tix now.
Nov 4, '04 -- View a clip from Seed of Chucky here.
Here is a little article with Billy about Seed of Chucky.
Read about the Peoples Choice Awards.
Nov 3, '04 -- From TORn, news about the RingCon 2004 Germany report.
Wizard News has some info about Sean A's mom in the hospital.
Nov 2, '04 -- From TORn, Viggo at a Rally.
Also from
TORn, Billy's Loons Charity Auction. David Wenham, Dom, and Billy signed teddy bear.
Oct 28, '04 -- From TORn, Sean Astin Auction For Charity.
Oct 27, '04 -- Billy Boyd urges backing for film studio in Scotland. read it.
Here is a
link to some LotR pumpkin patterns.
Oct 25, '04 -- Doom
enters production phase.
Book chronicles Lord of the Rings scam.
Cate Blanchett to present AFI award.
read the article.
Some pics of Lost on the TV guide from
Oct 22, '04 -- Here is an interview with David Wenham.
Here is a little
piece that mentions Karl Urban.
Beyond Grey has some
caps of Lost episode 5 up.
Oct 20, '04 -- Happy 46th Birthday Viggo.
here to see a trailer of Sean Bean's National Treasure.
Dont forget to watch Dom in Lost tonight.

Oct 19, '04 -- Hobbit Sean Astin tells all in new memoir.
Beyond Grey has Dom's interview on Jimmy Kimmel.
Sorry, yesterday was Howard Shore's 58th Birthday.
TORn has posted Viggo's photos featured in Premiere magazine.
I watched Gothika, & was surprised to see Bernard Hill. good show btw.
The Official LotR site, has a video from the EE version of RotK.
Oct 16, '04 -- Here is a link to an interview about Happy Feet.
Oct 15, '04 -- Here is some news on Sean B's National Treasure.
Dom is
scheduled to be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. check local listings.
Oct 12, '04 -- No its not a dinosaur on Lost. read it here.
Oct 7, '04 -- News on Seed of Chucky. And Billy was at the Dundee Film festival.
Here is a not so illuminating
article on Everything is Illuminated.
Beyond Grey says tonight will be a segment on Entertainment Tonight about Lost.
Oct 6, '04 -- Here is some news about The Goonies DVD.
article on Kingdom of Heaven, w/ Orlando Bloom and Marton Csokas.
It looks like Orlando is in
Millions of viewers get "Lost". read about it
BEI says that both RotK and ESOTSM have been nominated for Best Foreign Film. read more.
It states
here, that Orlando is not engaged. too bad.
Oct 5, '04 -- Here is an article about Lost and Dom.
More on Orlando and Kate.
article that mentions Billy.
Oct 4, '04 -- Here is another article on Orlando and Kate.
Here is an
article on Sean A and his book.
BEI has some screencaps of ESOTSM.
Oct 3, '04 -- Orlando proposes. I wish them all the best! :)

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I just love this scene in the movie:)
I say their lines with them, when I watch the movie. It was so funny.
I Aear can ven na mar. (translation from Elvish - (The Sea calls us home.)