• See the What I see and like  page of this site to get some intresting stuff. Here you will find some very good things which intrested me because of their quality.

  • Useful things by Google :

    • If you want top download InterNet on your PC then click Vivek jain.
    • Read World famous MURPHY's Laws . Which are famous for their EXCEPTIONALITY. Really loavable !!
    • Daily DILEMMA between Me and Computer. Can you help me to solve it ???
    • See the difference between Laughter of Man & Woman.
    • You wanna write Something about Someone, Write on MagicSlate.
    • You know what your BELOVED wants to do for You....? KNOW IT 
    • Some great comments from the great Indain Batsman and commentator Navjot Singh Siddhu. Known as famous SIDDHUISM now-a-days. Get enriched by Master's balster quotes which will make you laugh and sometime provide the food for thought!! (05th Nov, 2005)
    • Do you now Google?? Are you sure ?? Then check some very good tips from an article that David Pogue published in New York Times. (Pogue is a column writer for NY Times' weekly Circuits e-magazine.) (9th July, 2005)
    • Check Here you can see the photographs of your school and the group photographs of your class. You need to fill your name and year in which you have passed in the school .  (8th July, 2005)
    • A nice message from " " regarding the potential everyone have. Check this site  I feel that You will feel better after seeing this. Enjoy this more with spearker on. (21st June, 2005)
    • A small game for you. This game is called Red Square Game.  Click and hold the red square. Now, move it so that you neither touch the walls nor get hit by any of the blue blocks

      If you make it to 18 seconds, you are doing brilliantly! (16th April, 2005)

    • See the Girl passing through Basket ball Hole. It's a real Incident. It may take some time in loading but somewhat different video to enjoy: (10th February, 2005)
    • Worldometers gives you several real-time updated counts of population growth and decline, food produced, money spent on education and military stuff, etc.
      Giving you a whole new perspective on these issues using nothing but running totals.
      Statistics of everything you want to know about world. And this statistics is changing per milisecond.

      Really astonishing !!! Check it out at :
      (16th october)
    • Click on The interactive Mona Lisa - Mona Lips-synch - Exhibition Images in Paris - Cité des Sciences, France . Interactive MONALISA is facing you. Point your cursor to the words on the LEFT side of the Monalisa picture. Now monalisa will behave according to the emotion indicated by that word.

      Even You can change the language (hindi is also there) of web page by selecting the national flags on page. Enjoy!!

      (15th September 2004)
    • Open the site
      Just hover your mouse pointer near by rabbit. Rabbit will catch the mouse pointer. :-)
      Now if you want to snatch mouse pointer from him, just move pointer left and right very fast.

      (30th August 2004)
    • George bush: The president of US. If you think that his face is not according to his works, You can Mould his face according to your desire. Really, i mean it. Make him bald, golden haired, one eyed, blind....Just choose on your own. Catch him on
      (25th August 2004)
    • Wait for the web page to load and then move your mouse over the face few times. Finally, leave the mouse cursor over the face and RELAX in your chair. Looks like, this website won first prize in the Phillips Digital Arts Festival. (14th August 2004)
    • See this beautiful Rose . Just hover mouse over it and you will see amazing   (almost) Real effect. It may take some seconds to load. Please use internet Explorer. (23rd May 2004)
    • Play Holi on your desktop. The real feel of the Indian festivel HOLI on your PC.
    • Run Rajdhani Express on your desktop. It will fail the real RAJDHANI. CHeck it out!!

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