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Hi, I am Vivek jain from Meerut city of India. I have completed my in Computer Science from MIET(Meerut). Now-a-days pursuing PG diploma in Software Technology from C-DAC formerly NCST (National Center for Software Technology) and desperately seeking for a job in IT field.

Please visit this and all the pages in INTERNET EXPLORER(Any Version). Thanks

If you are expecting some serious kind of stuff here, you are going to be totally disappointed. Leave your e mail id in my guest book, I will contact you as I make some serious one. Here you will learn something about me: my interests, hobbies and my favourite books. You can freely contact me without any hesitation with suggestion, critisization or a word of praise. I love to get mail and wait for that! And please don't forget to Sign my Guest Book.

    Every Type of Movie i.e. whether Love Story, Suspense, Thriller, Horror, Art, Action or Family Drama. I Love watching Movies. And to Know about them intrests me a lot. Directors, Actors, Actresses, Year of making anything amazing about BollyWood Movies gets added into my Mind. It is a Sort of passion for me. Some of my friends (Ashwin, Venky, Sanjay Sharma) says "I am having a DataBase of Bollywood". That's a too big compliment for a normal guy.

  • MUSIC:

    Especially Bollywood Music.Very Healing. And the Best Time Pass !!!!.
    I used to like music but it boosted up when FM came into existence in 1995. Since than i am totally depended on FM regarding Bollywood music and somewhat on TV.
    Like Movies, to know about Songs, their Singers, Music Directors and Lyricists drives me a lot. Good Music just Turns me on.


    I Like traveling and Enjoy Every Bit of it. I explore whole city and go to renowned places and takes snaps. My both Mussoorie trips ,one with Rampur people (Sonu, Sonia, Parul) and another with Vipul is memorable. And how can I forget the Varanasi trip in which I was alone. It was very new experience, in which I learnt and experienced many things.
    Uptill Now I have visited Agra, Jaipur, Mussoorie, Hastinapur, Lucknow Varanasi, Saarnath, Tirupati Balaji, Chennai, Pondicheri, Delhi, Nandi Hills and some of Jain Pilgrimeges.


    I Read Books from the Very Begining and what I Get from them cant be elaborated. In childhood I used to read bundle of comics. Diamond Comics, Raj Comics, Manoj Comics... But Rajiv Bhaiya,my cousine brother, who is a voracious reader, gave it a positive turn towards litrature by giving Mansarover(Prem Chand) and Merchant of Vanice (Shakespeare). Since than ......Journey of reading is going on.

    It took another turn when Bobby Bhaiya gave me Ved Prakash Sharma's Novel. Since than i started to read commercial (Masala) novels. And read a lot of novels.

    Surendra Mohan Pathak is my favourite writer. The way he revolves the story (generally a Murder Mystry) is terrific. His character Sunil is wonderful. And the chemistry between Sunil and his friend Ramakant is damn good and humourous.

    I have made a Yahoo Group for the discussion of Novels and Movies. where we will discuss and share whatever novels we read and Movies we watch. That's why the name of the group is "Readers and Watchers". If any one wants to join this happening group send a mail to

    Books can be on various subjects from sarious writers either Hindi, English, Russian, Bangla, French (Obviously Translations either Hindi or English). Here are Some of My
    Favourite Books.


    It's a old habit. And it prospered very much with Vipul and Vishal. We trio used to discuss as well as argue on puzzles. If got a new puzzle, there was a silent healthy competition that who will solve first. 50% of the time Vipul won. Most memorable time of my life.
    If today i can solve some aptitude questions, it is vipul's approach who has helped me a lot. He is terrific.

    I TRY to solve Puzzles because it gives some Brain Storming . It is a different matter Altogrhter that How many i Finally able to solve. Please dont ask this question to an INFOSYS Failure. Here are some Links of puzzle sites. Which can Get You Busy and than frustrated for Sometime..


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:: My Favourite Books ::

Latest Read : Rage of Angels(Thriller)--Sidney Sheldon(English)
Company of Women(Fiction)--Khushwant Singh(English)

Currently reading : Kya Bhulu Kya Yaad Karu(AutoBiography)--Harivansh Rai Bachchan(Hindi)
One Minute Manager (Corporate Lesson)-- (John Spencer)(English)

  1. You can Win (Self Developement) --Shiv Khera(English)
  2. Tough Times Never Last.. (Self Developement)--Robert H.Shuller(English)
  3. Success is Never Ending.. (Self Developement)--Robert H.Shuller(English)
  4. Short Stories of various Writers--Text Book of XIIth(English)
  5. 55 Khambein Lal Deewarein(novel)--Usha Priyamvada(Hindi)
  6. Sabhi Deewane Daulat ke(Thriller)--Ved Prakash Sharma(Hindi)
  7. Sooraj ka Saatvan Ghoda(novel)--DharamVeer Bharti(Hindi)
  8. Stories of Antone Chekhove--Antone Chekhove(Russian)
  9. My Universities(Autobiography)--Maxim Gorky(Russian)
  10. Stories of Prem Chand--Prem Chand(hindi)
  11. Need ka Nirmaan Phir(AutoBiography)--Harivansh Rai Bachchan(hindi)
  12. Katha Bharti (various Writers)--Text Book of XIIth(Hindi)
  13. Meena Murder Case(Murder Mystry)--Surendra Mohan Pathak(Hindi)
  14. Word Power Made Easy(English Vocabulary)--Norman Lewis(English)
  15. Kagaj ki Naav(Thriller)--Surendra Mohan Pathak(Hindi)
  16. Ateet ke ChalChitra(Memories)--Mahadevi Verma(Hindi)
  17. Lajja(Novel cum Documentry)--Taslima Nasreen(Bangla)

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