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In this homapage I have put a lot of efforts. It has been in my mind like a ghost. After so many days I have felt a passion about something. Even I have seen it in my dreams. Yeah, I mean it !!

I almost did every thing to get this homepage listed in Google. And it was the happiest day (April, 2004) when it got listed in Google. It's my kid. Like every mother, I am attached to it by heart and I feel it is the most beautiful home page in this world.

Mera Pyara home page. I Love it !!



Through out your life, there are some persons, whom you owe a lot. Writers dedicate their books to them, director dedicate their Movies to them and award winners dedicate their awards to them. Mere pass aisa kuch nahi jo mai unko dedicate ker saku (I don't have anything which I could dedicate them). I have made this page only, so..

I dedicate this homepage to them. They are MY:
  • Perents: Mummy and Papa

  • Brothers: Rajiv bhaiya, Pankaj Bhaiya, Bobby Bhaiya and Vikas bhai.

  • Friends: Vipul, Vinay, Shivani, Satish and Sonu

  • Teachers:
    Vinita Didi - Hari Shankar Arya Vidya Sadan,Meerut
    Vinodji, Ram Darshanji - Saraswati Shishu Mandir,Meerut
    Rajendra Sir, Thapar sir, G N Guptaji, Lokendra Sir - C.A.B Inter College,Meerut
    Rasool Sir - MATHS Engineering Coaching (UV Plus), Meerut
    R C Singh Sir - MIET, Meerut
    Bhupesh sir and Shikha Mam - NCST (now CDAC), Bangalore

  • Inspirations: Vishal, Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan

These people have always given me their unconditional Love and support. I know that, like GOD, they are always there for me to get me out from any trouble, and uptill now I never got disappointed.

If I have done anyhting good in my life its because of their blessings and teachings. And if something is wrong somewhere, it is totally my fault, I have not learnt from them in a better way.

In this, 2 important persons are left. Their name begin with P and S. They were integral and one of the most lovable part of my life. But things changed. They should not have changed but they did. I am in dilemma and still not sure where should I put them in my life as well as in this homepage.


If this page has become somewhat useful and somewhat good (in your perspective), I am not totally responsible. There are some persons who keep helping me. If they couldnt have helped me, this page was really weird in his early days. Its a different matter altogether that some people may still find it weird.

I want to thank from the core of heart...

  • Gyanendra Kumar (GYAN): If today my page is listed in Google so soon, It is because of Gyan only. He is one of those persons who understood my LOVE for my homepage.

  • Manish Thapar: Complete Useful tips Section is given by him without any hesitation. I will keep adding new things in this section.

  • Vivek Mohan: He has provided me various ebooks and tutorials, which I have put on my Ebooks and Tutorials section.

  • Rahul Gupta: There are two things about him.

    a) He is very good in HTML. If I am having any doubts in HTML (which I generally have) I always ask to Rahul.

    b) He is source of motivation :-) We are having a healthy competition that WHO WILL HAVE MAXIMUM HITS on his Home page. But....... I never won. And I feel I will never. Visit his Home page. By this he will have some more hits. :-)

Thank you dear friends for your contribution.

Vivek Jain

Vivek jain page ends here

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