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23/11/2002 -

It's been a while since the last update, ne? Well, I apologise. Work, lack of computer time and a general lack of desire from me have all culminated in me neglecting my poor little site. But, hope is almost within our grasp; in three weeks exactly I get my month off uni for Christmas. Let's hope a little creative juice can be stirred up, ne?
Only one real update for you today, kiddies. "...Laundry" - the first non-me fic (very well written by Terra) has been put up in the archive. And you're still here? Go read, darnit!

16/9/2002 -

"...Women" is now up and ready for all to see. I'm still messing about with everything, and we could see the very first author page going up before the end of the week. LadyK promises me that her first "Evils of..." fic will be ready soon, and I'm certainly looking forward to it! I'll get it up here as soon as time permits. Also got the join page up, so anyone who stumbles in here can help us torture the TSW characters. And I have a guestbook. Go me. ^.^

09/9/2002 -

Finally got off my butt and put "...Chocolate" up. Updating the Links page again, as I've found a couple more sites that actually want to be associated with me. Scary, ne? I'm still working on the next installment of the series - "...Women" but it will be up before the 23rd of September. I promise. Sort of. *grin* Also messing around with the Join the fun page, but it won't be up for a few days. Also going to mess with the fonts some more and see if I can't find one I actually like for a change...

22/7/2002 -

We now have "...Alcohol" and the Links page up. Hurrah for us. I'm also going to mess around with fonts and pictures and whatnot. I'm contemplating having a seperate fanfic page; for stuff that isn't "Evils of..." Meh. I'll figure it out. Eventually.

20/7/2002 -

I've had a mess about with Paintshop Pro 7 and have come up with some (I think) neat "Quote" banners. So far, I've only got Hein, Eli, Jane, Sid and a questionable one from Neil. If those other characters just decided to have decent quotes, then I could do more. Have to wait for more fics, ne? Also made the fine and dandy new logo; not fantastic but better than what was there before! Working on the Stories pages, and finished the main archive page and the "...Hallucinations" page. As I don't have proper back up copies of the other two (and reformatting them is a bitch of a job) you'll have to wait! ^_^

19/07/2002 -

Well, whoo hoo for me. Finally get parts of this finished and uploaded. Bearing in mind I only started learning HTML three days ago, I think I'm doing pretty well, don't you? Yeah, the place looks kinda sucky and most of the links don't work yet. So far, I've got the character and premise pages up. Well, goody eh? Still working on all those other links; you can click them if you want, but you won't get anywhere. And bear with me. I'm new at this whole... web page junk.


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