.: Yoni Massage - vagina in Tantra

 The word yoni is the Sanskrit word for the 'female reproductive organ'.

.: Massaging the vagina

Massage is great for relaxation and getting to know your partners body and what pleasure them. Relaxing into orgasm is far more intense than being all tense.


  • Setup a nice comfortable area, not necessarily in the bedroom, with blankets and pillows or cushions. You partner lays on her back using the pillows or cushions to rest her legs in an wide open position. Some women may be embarrassed to do this so you may wish to use candle light. You can sit or kneel either to her side or between her legs.
  • Try to synchronize your breathing ensuring your breaths are slow and deep. Make eye contact during the massage as well as admiring her body and she may close her eyes to just relax into the massage. Place a hand gently over her heart and the other hand resting on her pelvis. Sit still like this for several minutes.
  • You can use oil if you choose to start massaging all of her body lightly touching all the skin. Concentrate on any areas that may have build up stress, massaging more vigorously to release the tension. Take your time to make her as relaxed as possible before moving to concentrate on her vagina. Finish with her pelvic region brushing away the energy and tension away up her stomach and down her thighs.

  • Sit between her legs and cup both of your hands over her pubic region with your fingers resting over her pubic hair and the base of your hand on your vagina lips. Sit like this for several minutes.
  • Warm some oil by rubbing your hands together before applying it to her vagina. Rub the oil all around the external lips and the surrounding area. Take your time to massage this area, making eye contact with your partner. You may wish to describe what you see to your partner. Tell her what you like about it.
  • Take the outer lips between your thumb and forefinger of each hand and rub up and down slowly. Move your fingers in a circular motion massaging the lips. Move to the inner lips and repeat.
  • Move to gently stroking the clitoris and moving your finger around in small circles around the clitoris. If you feel you partner tense her pelvic muscles remind her to relax and not focus on orgasm. Concentrate and synchronize your breathing. You may wish to put your other hand on her stomach just above her public hair or stroke her nipple.

  • When she is ready slide your middle finger into her vagina. Slide it in and out very gently more to ensure she is well lubricated than to stimulate. Then explore her vagina, feeling all the different areas inside. Use small circles, press down on areas and hold and move vigorously to release tensions. She will need to tell you what feels good.
  • Move to her G-Spot which is the spongy area just beneath her pubic bone. To reach it comfortable, face your palm up while inserting your middle finger. Move your finger backwards and forwards as well as doing circle motions. Remind her to relax and not tense up trying to orgasm. Concentrate on the breathing. You may wish to rub her clitoris with your other hand. It is now up to her how long she wishes to be massaged. Concentrating on her breathing she should be able to orgasm without tensing up experiencing a very powerful orgasm. Ask if she wants it massage more. If she doesn't ensure you lay down next to her holding her and continuing to let her know that you are there for her.



Last updated 27th November 2006