.:  Lingam Massage - penis

Massage is great for relaxation and getting to know your partners body and what pleasure them. Relaxing into orgasm is far more intense than being all tense.

The following Tantra massage focus on the genital region not to stimulate but to release energy and also to awaken energy. These massages can be used just for massage or used for sexual healing in cases of premature ejaculation, impotence, vaginal cramping and orgasm problems.

: Massage technique

  • Find a nice comfortable area, on the bed or build up cushions to lean up against. Your partner kneels or sits next to your side and places her hand over your heart (one of the Chakra points) and concentrate on giving energy into his heart. Synchronise your breath with his.
  • He needs to relax and feel accepting of her energy and attention.
  • He can lift his buttocks of the floor with his feet flat on the ground or bed. Gently shake the buttocks releasing negative energy and energising the positive. She can massage his cheeks to relax them more.
  • Place the buttocks back down. She needs to brush the energy away from his groin area. Brush from the groin away, up his stomach and down his legs.
  • Relax and place one hand over his heart and the other over his genitals resting lightly, covering the penis and scrotum. Synchronise your breathing and concentrate on this for a while.
  • Start to massage around his pubic region avoiding the genitals. Massage just above the pubic hair. Massage around his groin where it joins the legs. Massage down his thighs. Around the groin area there are lymph gland so be careful how much pressure you use here. This area can be sensitive during certain illnesses.
  • Massage very gently around the testicles being careful not to bump them or move quickly. Be firm but gentle and slow to build trust with touching this area.
  • Massage below the testicles in the area called the perinium - between the testicles and the anus.
  • Gently hold his testicles in one hand, cupping your hand under them. Sit still for a few moments again building trust. Feel each testicle very slowly. Explore and get to know their shape. You may be able to feel the tubes that come off the testicles that carry the seminal fluid.
  • Pull gently on the skin of the scrotum pulling it away from the body. You can massage the skin between your index and thumb rubbing in small circles.
  • Try to continue to relay but be aware of your erotic energy. He needs to not feel he has to jump into action and take control but enjoy relaxing and receiving attention.
  • You can encourage him to relax by rubbing the energy away from his groin area, brushing up to his stomach and down his thighs.
  • When ready start to massage the penis. It is difficult to do this while the penis is erect as the skin is tight and tense. If flacid massage up fromt he groin to the head of the penis. You can pull the skin away from the penis and rub between your fingers.
  • When the penis is erect wrap your fingers around the penis with a firm grip. Spread your fingers apart and squeeze the penis. Move your fingers up and down squeezing different points.
  • In tantra there are chakra points around the lingam. The perinium, the base of the penis, the gland area on the underside of the penis head and the crown of the head where the hole is.
  • Play with his penis while rubbing his perineum, massagine firmly.
  • He needs to concentrate to relax and not to focus on orgasm. He may or may not orgasm from this massage. If orgasm approaches he needs not to tense up but relax while the orgasm occurs resulting in a more powerful intense orgasm.
  • Communication is key during this massage. You do not need to chat but tell her what you like and enjoy while she massages.




Last updated 27th November 2006