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International Ladies' Tea Party Society
Purpose and Protocol



Welcome to the International Ladies' Tea Party Society (Society).   The Society is comprised exclusively of women that share a common interest in gathering at Tea Parties and other events to make new female friends, discuss fashion and entertainment trends, to network, to share literary works,  and to enjoy intelligent female conversation.   No men are allowed into the Society and there are no exceptions to this rule.  However, although men are not allowed into the Society, they may apply to be servers, waiters, butlers or providers of various services solely for the needs, pleasure and enjoyment of our Ladies.   Services provided may included, but not be limited to, serving tea and other libations, cooking and preparing hors d'oeuvres, providing dinner service, cleaning, foot and hand massages, brushing of hair, and if appropriate, entertainment.  Our servers are chosen based upon politeness, appearance, attitude, deportment and willingness to provide unquestioning servitude.

Our gatherings are in a variety of venues.  Although we recommend certain protocol and offer suggestions for elegant Tea Parties, the quality and character of each event vary depending upon the desires of the respective Ladies organizing the party in their vicinity.   Less rigid rules and a more informal ambience all in accordance with the desires of the Ladies are perfectly acceptable.    However, one common rule exists amongst all Tea Parties and Society gathers, and that is, all of our male servers, waiters, butlers and any other males present providing a service for our Ladies, are required to perform their services completely nude with the possible exception of a bowtie and/or polished shoes, socks and gloves.  

Ladies coming to Tea Parties vary as well.  They are often heterosexual, but may be bisexual or lesbian, and such leanings are immaterial to the Society.  Women may be feminists, dominants or of vanilla interests.  Their purpose for coming is primarily to enjoy a pleasant afternoon of friendly female conversation, meet other women of similar interest, and be pampered and catered to by our naked servant boys. 

Our parties do not involve sexual activities nor are they hosted to provide a dating service.   Our Ladies always dress appropriately and no risque outfits are ever worn by our Ladies.  Although all males are always expected to be nude at all times, no female nudity ever occurs. Feminism and the empowerment of women are integral to our Society, and,  dommes do enjoy our parties given the elevated status and authority of women.  However, traditional BDSM activities such as humiliation and discipline are typically not part of the theme of our events.  

Male servers are not necessarily submissive men, but may include men of confidence that believe they can provide polite and respectful servitude, and, adoration of women, without compromising their manhood.  Conversely, men who are submissive and wish to become tea boys to provide naked servitude to empowered women are also encouraged to apply for service as our events can provide a venue for them to enjoy such experiences.