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The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society

I used to belong to this religion.  It's a Christian cult and a bunch of crap!  Watch out that you don't get sucked in.
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The crest I created to represent my families.
Each section has the appropriate tartan and clan badge.
In the center, the thistle and oak & acorn symbols.

Clockwise from top left
Campbell [sept Shearer]
Stewart [ancient royal]
Stewart/Stuart of Appin
Clan/Family mottoes on badges: (latin & old gaelic)
Campbell : "Ne Obliviscaris" - 'Forget Not'
Stewart (by Canmore/Duncan) : "Virtutis Gloria Merces" - 'Glory the Reward of Valor'
Maclaren : "Creag An Tuirc" - 'The Boar's Rock'
Stewart/Stuart of Appin : "Quhidder We'll Zie " - 'Whither will Ye'
Eric Conveys an Emotion
This guy is hysterical!  Check out 'Visiting for the very first time.'
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The Human Rights Campaign - Working for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equal rights
Visit the Human Rights Campaign and help them stop the Federal and Kansas anti-same sex marriage ammendments.
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06/06/04 - Slight revamp on the index page today.
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NOW - National Organization for Women
The Royal Stewart badge.  The wings should be up : "Virescit Vulnere Virtus" meaning
'Courage Gains Strength
from a Wound'
(There are many Stewart
clans & badges.)
The Royal Stewart
clan crest/coat of arms representing
the Scottish
lion and flag
All original information and artwork accessed via this site Property of Erika Shearer
Copyright 2004
Damn Straight!
My LauchCAST radio station
Suicide Girls ...Quite possibly one of my favorite sites.  Finally something remotely original.
My OK Cupid Profile   (...just in case there's something Secularity didn't cover.
                                                     I highly recommend joining this site.  It's cool and FREE!!!)
SOMA (aka the Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics) - the group at KU I'm associated with.