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Concourse A: Web Sites

What's in a Name - find out what your name says about YOU
Jelly Belly Online- check out the cool world of Jelly Belly beans and don't forget to order a free Jelly Beans sample sent straight to your house!
Image-O-Rama - kick-ass bullets, lines, and more!
The homepage of my favorite comic strip - GARFIELD!
Queendom - this site has over a dozen awesome tests to take on-line! They are a ton of fun, I really recommend them. (Girls only.)
Fearless Ophira's Guide to the Stars - a very amusing site which includes sign descriptions, celebrity signs, Star Wars Astrology (I really recommend this one!) and more. Plus, the design of the page is just awesome.
Astrology Queen - a very hip & sassy astrology site! It doesn't have a ton, but if you go there make sure to check out the gynastrology "what's your special spot?" page. You can thank me for it later.
BioWEB - if you know nothing about biorthythms or know a little and want to know more, go here. As a bonus, you can calculate your own biorhythms right on the site!
Joshua's Story - please take the time to visit the site and read the story of little Joshua. Perhaps your heart, too, has room for this little boy.

Concourse B: Miscellaneous Homepages

Beth's Days of Our Lives Page - so much to read and learn about, it will take you *DAYS* to see it all!
Windy's Fashionable Page Designs - need backgrounds for your homepage?  Check these ones out.  You'll definitely find at least one that you like.
Lord of the Flies - a very cool page about an OK book that I read in English. Very informative and I love the layout!
looking in
The Cutting Room Floor - a very interesting site clueing you in on deleted scenes from some of your favorite movies

Concourse C: Virtual Cards & Flowers

Virtual Flowers - send virtual flowers to your friends and family. A great site!
123Greetings - one of the better electronic greetings places.  The selection is huge and there are many options that help personalize your greeting.  Choose the background color, background music, date to send your card, and more.  I use this all the time!
Card4You - it's kind of like 123 Greetings, but it's less of a hassle. I go here whenever I don't want to spend too much time on a card.  The selection is just as good, but you don't pick any colors or special options.
Virtual Florist - not as cool as Virtual Flowers, but still OK.

Concourse D: Banners

robyn raves

Visit Dream Central! All about

Sarah's Archangels

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