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Hey kiddos, Bogey here! Welcome to the Shirt Tale Link Zone! Here's the place where you can find other Shirt Tale sites! I finally found some more Shirt Tale sites(I think I'm gonna cry!) They are slowly growing, but our fans, like the truth, are our there!
Yesterdayland- Shirt Tales
This web page gives you a brief history of me and the Shirt Tales! It also shows who voiced us in the original TV series! It even has a cute (but old) picture of us!(minus Kip)

The Shirt Tales
Another site with information about us! And there's even another picture of us! Don't worry Kip, we still love ya sweetheart!

Shirt Tales Ornaments
This is a place where you can buy Shirt Tale merchandise!

Voice Chasers-The Shirt Tales-Voice Credits
Here is a place that shows who talked for us in the Shirt Tales TV series! I'M AN ORANGATAN, NOT A MONKEY!

Shirt Tales Power Ring
There has to be some sites that I've missed, so if you know any, PLEASE submit them to our web ring!

Shirt Tales according to Wingnut
Here's a new one! Has stuff you already know, plus screen shots and movies!

The Unofficial Shirt Tale Web Page
This is a new site by Shirt Tale fan Bryan Hoskins! It has images of all the Shirt Tales and a nice pic of our stuffed animal line!

Shirt T-T-T-Tales
This is the latest Shirt Tale site made by my pal Joe Gatorman! He has a fanfic series about us Shirt Tales after our younger years!


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