Templeton's Alter Ego
David Insley, Human Scribe
David's Writings for the WoG Fan Club:
#1] 30 January 1998-
Angry Mother Syndrome
#2] 9 February 1998-
Start of It All, Heart of It All
#2A] Also Read the
Editorial Response by Gary Gygax
Wherein Mr. Gygax corrects David's bad research (oops!)
#3] 1 March 1998-
Stupid Dwarf and a Snotty Elf
#4] 2 April 1998-
TSR, WotC and WoG
#5] 18 May, 1998-
Where Should I Start?
#6] 13 June 1998-
Furyondy's Dilemma
David Insley, Templeton Algrith's squire and ghostwriter, has been involved in the role-playing hobby since 1982 and has been active on the web since 1994. In the fall of 1997, he was made a member of the World of Greyhawk Fan Club's Ruling Oligarchy, his wit and wisdom having earned him the position of Gaming Editorial Columnist.
Though the Fan Club, due to various legal problems and what appeared to be a concerted attempt by a small clique of elitist, exclusionist gamers, eventually ceased to be active, the
Fan Club Home Page is still available on the web.
David still visits it regularly, as do many others.
In his tenure as Gaming Editorial Columnist for the WoGFC, young Sir David put out half a dozen such missives in as many months. Future offerings of his own shall be included on this page for your reading pleasure.
Enjoy! And again, if you have any comments, feel free to
send me a note or send one to David!
Templeton's Haven Home Page
From 1989-1990, and again, starting May 26, 2003, Dave has worked as a sportswriter in Maryland.

But before he went (back) into that line of work, he did a little writing about sports just for this web page.

November 23, 2002
: David has a chance encounter with a recent World Series winner- and gets some interesting poop on several facets of big-league baseball.
David is also an avid World War II aficionado. He has written many pieces on the history, events, consequences and effects of the war. Read some of them here!

Dropping the Bomb- Why Debate is Pointless

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We recently unearthed - or we should say remembered and then dug up - a nice little nugget of advice, on Sunscreen and many other things. Check it out!!

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