JUSTICE #21 - 'Illusion!'
July, 1988
(27 Pages)

Cover Artist: Lee Weeks
Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Lee Weeks
Inker: Mike Gustovich
Letterer: Agustin Mas
Colorist: Janet Jackson
Editor: Howard Mackie
Assistant Editor: David Wohl
Designer: Cindy Kruhm
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco

Justice Killer Caught!
From "Universe News," July 1988.


After his capture by police at Pitt-Aid (see JUSTICE #20), Justice is drugged and locked away. The woman whom he helped by fixing her car (see JUSTICE #19), turns out to be a lawyer, and upon seeing Justice's picture in the papers, rushes out to act on his behalf.

Justice awakes to find himself in the ruins of Darquill's castle, and Endolina prays that he's not dead. She explains that the battle is over, that he defeated Darquill, but everything is in ruin. In reality Justice is sitting on the floor of a cell, drugged and wearing a straight jacket as Mr. Updike tries to get Justice released to his custody. In another part of town, a masked group of men, one wearing a copy of Justice's old costume, says that all they need now is a group name, in honor of their god, Justice. The first name up on the chalkboard in the room is 'Justice League.' The only problem is, no one likes that one.

Angela sits in a police lounge(?), having been arrested for biting an officer after she refused to leave her dad's side. Mr. Hanley, Tensen's boss in the Justice Department, asks Angela to tell him what happened, and politely scoffs at her explanation. Mr. Updike enters, with Victor Pasko, AKA Kleenex, who lets out a loud sneeze and starts to sniff people. He ends this episode at Angela, smells, and sneezes violently. An officer comes in, announcing the arrival of Tensen's lawyer, a Miss Windels, who's loaded for bear. The police captain and Miss Windels get into a fight before she storms out to get various legal writs.

Justice is walking alongside Endolina in Farside. Endolina floats up before a powerful blast of energy takes her out of the sky. Darquill and his minions stand there gloating over having blasted her and having survived. In the real world, Justice is unknowingly generating a large amount of heat from his sword arm, burning a hole in the straitjacket. Members from the newly-formed 'Justice Brigade' fry a pimp who is about to assault a news reporter, demanding the release of their leader, Justice.

Justice blasts the jail cell door, talking about killing Darquill who has been dead for a long time now (since JUSTICE #15). The doctor and his police escort who came to check on Justice flee, but not before the cop fires off a few shots, only to watch them melt a few inches from Justice. Justice blasts a hole in the wall, leading to the locker room and showers, before firing another blast that continues on and sets fire to the ammunition room. Justice lays waste to most of the department before walking out the hole he created in the outside wall, using his shields to walk on and demanding Darquill's blood.

Summary written by Rod Myers Jr.

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