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JusticeIt began with the White Event, a mysterious astronomical phenomenon which bombarded the entire Earth with unknown energies two summers past. In one person out of every million, this energy triggered largely benign body-wide mutations resulting in paranormal forms and abilities. The transition beyond normalcy was not an easy one. For most, it was as traumatic as birth itself.

John Tensen, a narcotics officer for the Justice Department, became endowed with the powers of life and death. From his left hand he protected life with powerful unbreakable shields. From his right hand, he projected death with his sword -- an irresistible blast of pure force that reduced whatever it touched to ashes. Having had his life almost destroyed by a powerful paranormal, Tensen dubbed himself as 'Justice' and gave himself a mission -- to travel the land, find other paranormals (using his psychic ability to detect their auras), and judge whether or not they are using their powers properly. If they are, he leaves them in peace. If they are not, he leaves them in pieces.

The series, Justice, began in November 1986 as part of Marvel's New Universe in celebration of 25 years of Marvel Comics. The character, created by Archie Goodwin with an original costume design by Walt Simonson, was then portrayed as an alien warrior exiled to Earth and committed to fighting crime wherever it may be. The book then went through several creative changes eventually resulting in the decision of Mark Gruenwald and Peter David to change the very essence of the character and make him not alien but paranormal. In this he would be like all the other characters in the NU titles. Mr. David then stayed on as writer after these dramatic changes, until the run of Justice concluded in issue number 32, dated June 1989.

Below is a list of each issue of Justice, plus each peripheral appearance the character has made prior to 2099 (minus the limited series, Starblast and corresponding issues of Quasar--for those, please refer to History of the New Universe III). Click on the issue number and you can see a cover reproduction and read a complete summary of the story inside. Please see The Profiles Past Section for more information on the characters seen in these issues.

Note: I am in the process of including capsule reviews along with the summaries of each issue; however, this feature is not fully in operation.  To date, JUSTICE #1-16 have the reviews and the rest do not.  I hope to upload more reviews along with the summaries as they are done (one or two a week).  Thanks for your patience.

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