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our intellect

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Q: What is a thassaTM?
A: This is a very difficult question, spend a few minutes on this site and you'll know that it can't be defined, wherever a few people like me gather thassasTM overflow, for starters, its the hindi for P.J. but as you would soon find out its something even worse but thoroughly enjoyable, these are the products of an infertile and overstretched imagination which has little else to do.I'm quite sure that we all are capable of producing some gems (thassas TMof course) and in this site I have compiled a collection of a few thassasTM which have retained a place in my memory.Of course me & my friends are the fathers of all the thassasTM you find here(that is again a you know what) but I think that you might want to explore a bit now so go ahead, its a skill that can be mastered without much practice......
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