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Welcome to my private little home at Geocities.

Until now it's only consisting of two rooms: my living room with a small cocktail bar and my private room with some pictures you'd like to see.
I try to put most of the work into the Hamburg info section of the page so this section you see here will remain small for another while.

What my plans are for this section of my homepage?

You know, I like music a lot, same as for good cocktails, and I've invented a couple of recipes (for cocktails) and got to know a couple of good music (to listen to) and want to share that with you.

And if something else pops up of which I think it would be worth publishing here I'd like to do that, too.
So come on in every now and then and have a look what's going on over here.

Have a go and check out what there is to see. There's my link box just beneath these words leading you wherever you want on this page, and if your browser doesn't have Java there are text links right on the bottom of this page doing the very same.

Make yourself home and let me know what you think about it.

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