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Bakerloo to get refurbished seating?

EXCLUSIVE - Bakerloo Refurbishment!
Posted by: James Roberts - 20th February - 18:58
OK, so it's a bit of a sensationalist story I'm afraid, but the Bakerloo Line trains are beginning to sport a sassy new look interior and seats that seem to have, erm, much more "bounce" in them!  It's none too soon either - The Bakerloo Line has been suffering from a slightly neglected interior over the past few years and this is a promising start to the end of the life for the 72's!

Congestion Charge Area Extension

Not Tube Related - But May Affect You!
Posted by: James Roberts - 20th February - 19:05
Sadly, I've seriously started to dislike Mr. Livingstone of late, and so can only see fit to publicise his failures... His next?  The extension of the Congestion zone to take it a large part of Kensington and Chelsea.  If you live in London, look out for a leaflet dropping through your door soon or alternatively, you can log onto The TFL Website.  A look in the Evening Standard will show you how much opposition this scheme is up against!

D-Stock Refurbishment

The tattered D78's are getting a new lease of life...
Posted by: James Roberts - 21st December - 01:17
After months of ranting about it, I have enjoyed not one, but two different trips on the refurbished D-Stock train in the past week.  I was most impressed to say the least, however, it seems the carriage has been neglected in the past couple of months (well, since May, apparently) with regards to adverts.  The interiors are much brighter, and the door open and closing warning a nice change to the door  'hissing' we associate with the District Line.  The 'hanging balls' have been replaced by rails to hold onto and the wooden floor, which I'm certain Mr. Health & Safety inspector has nightmares about, replaced by a nice plastic one.  These trains are finally getting the treatment they deserve!
There is more on the D-Stock Refurbishment at District Dave's site...


National Rail News

South West Trains
New 450 Desiro Units

Posted by: James Roberts - 20th February - 22:27
For those of you who are interested, I've just had my first ride on one of SWT's new Class 450 Desiro units.  I managed to take a few pictures of the interior...  Click to see larger pictures.

South Eastern Trains
Service Cuts!

Posted by: James Roberts - 20th February - 19:10
It has been reported in the Evening Standard today that South Eastern Trains are planning to cut off-peak and Sunday services from at least TWELVE stations in Kent.  The stations, in and around the Maidstone and Tunbridge area, would be closed to make "track space" for the new high speed services on the Kent Integrated Franchise.
If you ask me, this is another example of just why the railways are better in Private hands... At least private companies are interested in the small profit they would receive from these stations.  It seems S.E.T are trying to hark back to the days of Beeching!

The London Tube Comments...

Something Must be done to stop the massive crime wave on the tube...
Posted by: James Roberts - February 20th - 19:
For those within London, you'll probably well aware of the Evening Standard, and it's arts critic Brian Sewell.  The other week, I, like many other Evening Standard readers, was horrified to read that he feared for his life when approached by a gang who systematically destroyed a carriage on the District Line's Wimbledon Branch.  What I found equally as shocking, was London Underground's poor response which has been reported throughout the past few weeks.  There response was less than satisfactory and it does make you wonder how often this goes on, not only on the District Line, but on other lines as well!
This weeks poll revolves around safety as we ask, 'Just how safe do you feel on the Underground?'

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