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A comic journey through death,
love & incarceration...

Aron De Casmaker & Jesse Buck
Directed by: Nick Di Gaetano

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The 2008 Toronto Festival of Clowns
Friday June 27 & Saturday June 28, 2008

Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre
March 26th - April 5th, 2008

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Show Program
Download the Moribund show program in
March 26th, 2008 (.
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Local actors tickle funnybone
Article By Denis Armstrong, Sun Media
March 18, 2008

Gaulier acting techniques
applied in Ottawa theatre

Hallie Cotnam interviews Nick Di Gaetano for CBC Ottawa Morning
March 25, 2008 (Real Player/ RAM Audio, 6:10)



The Epoch of
Coming and Going

The Epoch of Coming and Going, a dark physical comedy cabaret hosted by Death himself, is a playful examination of the one thing we all have in common – OUR DEMISE!!!

August 2006, Edmonton Fringe Festival
May 2006, The University of Ottawa
July 2006, Toronto Festival of Clowns
June 2005, Presented by the GCTC and the Magnetic North Theatre Festival.


epochThis is another example of local talent that took my breath away. Absolutely!

...they are really good technicians; they have perfect control of their bodies and that was the difference here there’s none of this sloppy realism. They were really good... Monty Python humour, silent films, lots of things come together here... subversive witty and not politically correct at all.
I also want to compliment the Mask maker...they are beautiful masks.
-Alvina Ruprecht, CBC morning

epoch2...an irreverent journey of song, dance and sketch that's just plain entertaining and fun, if at times a bit morbid... by a bunch of fun-loving guys who just want to make the audience laugh and enjoy a few lighter moments... The witty writing and physical comedy are spot-on.
-Jennifer Parks, The Edmonton Sun

...a chipper series of demises stage-managed by Death in order to reiterate the theatrical truism that it is just silly to mess with a stage manager... there are running gags involving entrances to and exits epoch3from same, plus high-speed but hapless masked gravediggers, a particularly funny pair of ninja grave-robbers, a choleric commedia widower. This is the only show at the Fringe with a fatal donkey accident -- which defines pain in the ass, as they point out -- or any levity on the subject of necrophilia...
-Liz Nicholls, The Edmonton Journal