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Dedications - This website is dedicated to the memory of my father, Donald J. BLAISE, who passed away on January 25, 1999. He was dedicated to the genealogy of the BLAISE family and I will try my best to continue his research.Click here to read the memorial I wrote for him on why a Boy Scout Retreat and Camporee was dedicated in his memory.

The website also is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Rose Lee BLAISE, who died on February 15, 1992 after a courageous eight year battle with cancer.

And, finally, this site is dedicated to the memory of my faithful cat Charley. He was my loving friend for 15 years. I had to have him put to sleep in June 1999 because he was losing a battle with kidney failure, thyroid and anemia. I know a lot of people say there won't be pets in heaven, but I believe differently. This probably sounds silly, but I'm looking forward to the day when I can see my parents and the pets I owned. It will be a "different" family, but we will be there.

Here is my tribute page to pets who "died in action." You will have to view the page to see what I am referring to.

I have a disabled daughter who has Trisomy 18. Here is Emily Blaise's page!

I NEED YOUR HELP -- Does anyone remember the speedway that was 1/2 way between Houston and Galveston? Have any photos or other information? Please let me know. Thanks!

The BLAISE coat of arms is: "D'azur a deux cles d'arg., passees en saut., les pannetons en bas." In English: "Blue: two silver keys, placed crosswise, the key bits downward."

This is the Web Site of Martin G. (Marty) BLAISE

Hello and welcome to the BLAISE page. My name is Marty Blaise. This web site is designed to tell you about the BLAISE family. Many of the BLAISEs still live in the New Orleans, Louisiana area.

Joseph Blaise, my great-great grandfather, moved to New Orleans from France

in the 1800s. He moved to the U.S. from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France.

Is your last name BLAISE? This is not a common name, so maybe we are related. Tell me about your BLAISE ancestors. Do you speak French? I am looking for someone to help with translating BLAISE records prior to 1800. These records were in French, German and Latin.

Now, more about the BLAISE family:

The Blaise genealogy is a family project. Since my father passed away on January 25, 1999, I have continued researching our family as well BLAISE depression glass era plates. Several years ago my father's BLAISE family genealogy book was published. It is constantly being updated. My dad also put together a genealogy book for the ZAHN family, on my late mother's side.

Click here to read about 8 generations of the BLAISE family. Click here for genealogy links.

My other hobbies and interests are listed below. Click on something below in the table!

Amateur Radio

How To Make Your Own QSL Cards! True Stereo Collecting Houston's Freeways and Highways Freeways and Highways Photo Gallery
Houston area Freeways and Highways Photo Gallery II Photo essay of the Cancelled State Highway 225 Photos of various freeways and highways in Texas Even More Highway Photos Post Oak (or Bay City) Freeway Photos
Construction of expressway on South Main US 90 Alternate Texas Interstates Abanonded bridges near South Mayde Creek (Addicks, Texas) Louisiana Interstates New Mexico Highways Photos of Old Main Street

I work for the Houston Department of Health and Human Services and maintain its web site.

Click here for the Houston Department of Health and Human Services web site.

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You can reach me by at: mailto:theblaisepage@yahoo.com

Remember, if your last name is BLAISE, I want to hear from you.

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