The Daffodil Garden 
in Running Springs, California 



"There is a garden in every childhood, 
an enchanted place 
where colors are brighter, the air softer, 
and the morning more fragrant than ever."
~ Elizabeth Lawrence

For three weeks in springtime The Daffodil Garden in Running Springs, California is that enchanted garden. Nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, it is a hillside garden for the spirit, soul, intellect, feelings and body.

You are invited to share in the joy of their Heaven on Earth by navigating through the links of this site.  We will begin first with a legend of The Daffodil Garden...

Leave your cares and concerns behind and step across the threshold into the tranquil, open-air sanctuary called The Daffodil Garden.

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This Web site was created by a pilgrim* who visited the garden in the Spring of 2003. 

What brought her to the garden?  A thirst for sanctuary, for serenity, and a place of hope and inspiration that whispered "Welcome" to her soul.

The purpose of this site is two-fold: 

  1. To "Pay It Forward" by sharing this magical garden with you, a fellow denizen of the online world, and 

  2. To express Aloha and Mahalo to (Alma) Gene and Dale Bauer, this now legendary garden's mistress and master.  The Daffodil Garden is a creative blend of their love, wisdom, will, action and service in the world. 


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*pilgrim: One who journeys to a shrine or sacred place.  One who embarks on a quest for something conceived of as sacred. A traveler. A sojourner in a strange place, away from one's own people. The word is used metaphorically of those to whom Heaven is their own country, and who are sojourners on Earth.

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