A Virtual Walking Tour of 
The Daffodil Garden

Original Illustration by Cicely Mary Barker
Enlargement and Poem

"And what has become of our daffodil days, 
Delight in the sun and the golden flower?"

No virtual tour can replace the experience of visiting The Daffodil Garden, but if you're a potential visitor, I hope that this virtual walking tour of The Daffodil Garden site will give you an idea of what to expect. 

Begin the tour by clicking on the link below:

>> A Virtual Tour of The Daffodil Garden 

If you've already experienced the garden, I hope this tour will allow you to revisit your memories of these jaunty and cheerful flowers and prompt you to return. 

The "tour" is a collection of snapshots of my last visit to the garden. Creating this scrapbook was a delightful way for me to contain the memories of The Daffodil Garden into one place.

After a long winter, I am as eager as the daffodils to feel the sun on my face. Should Old Man Winter overstay his welcome, I'll take this tour as a  winter pick-me-up. Nothing lights up a garden -- or a computer monitor -- like daffodils.  

It is my hope that I will be sharing this garden -- this feast for the eyes - -  with others who may feel similarly housebound, waiting impatiently for spring to finally arrive.

>> Next: Meet the Creators of this Garden:
 (Alma) Gene and Dale Bauer


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