The Legend of The Daffodil Garden

Each time a Guardian Angel notices a good deed -
a prayer, kindness or sacrifice -
she plucks a gold star from the heavens 
and sends it to Earth,
where it blooms as a golden daffodil.

~ Legend of the Daffodil, Author Unknown

Once upon a not-too-distant time, high above the hubbub and din of a sprawling metropolis and in the peace and quiet of the backcountry, there was a mountainside garden where daffodils danced in the sunlight. It was a miraculous* place where the joy of real beauty, real sweetness and light, and real fragrances was to be found.  

Daffodil Angel, courtesy of www.blackswandesigns.com

A Guardian Angel watched over Gene Bauer, the mistress of the garden, who was intent on blanketing the mountainside with bright, cheery daffodils. For forty years, Gene planted her daffodils, one at a time. Each bulb was placed in a hole that had been laboriously formed by prying out rocks and filling it with amended soil. 

Her husband Dale toiled alongside her, wheelbarrowing the soil; building flower boxes for the tulips, muscari and hyacinths; carving steps into the slopes; constructing graceful walking paths; and creating seating, outdoor rooms and viewing areas. 

Each spring, their labor was rewarded when the Guardian Angel would pluck gold stars from the heavens and spill them on the mountainside, where they would bloom as golden daffodils

With open hearts, the kind couple would share the beauty of the daffodils by opening up their garden to the public -- to total strangers.  There was no charge for admission. Theirs were labors of love; their garden, a gift to their visitors.

The yellow daffodils with angel-trumpet noses on their distinctive six-pointed, star-burst faces and green leaves upraised in praise of the Creator worked their miracles as no other flowers can. 

Their cheer was contagious, brightening up the faces of the visitors.

"What is paradise?  But a garden,... full of pleasure and nothing there but delights."  ~William Lawson

A pilgrim visiting The Daffodil Garden.

As they meandered through the garden, the visitors walked with new springs in their steps, smiles on their faces and sparkling glints of hope in their eyes. They felt lighter and carefree -- like the daffodils themselves! 

Touched by the couple's generosity of spirit and the joy of the garden, the visitors were transformed, becoming kindlier and more generous with others -- yes, even to total strangers.

For years thereafter, sweet memories allowed them to reexperience the joy of the daffodil garden, best expressed by poet William Wordsworth: 

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

One hot summer's day, out of the blue, a catastrophic wildfire swept across the mountainside, destroying 63,000 forested acres, including the five acres of this fabled garden. 

Left in its wake was a fire-scarred mountainside and the charred remains of the couple's snug A-frame cabin and the stately pines, majestic oaks and brilliant maples that surrounded it. 

When spring came, the Guardian Angel enlisted the help of a host of angels, and a million gold stars were plucked from the heavens.

The sheer magnitude of this couple's good deeds --  their prayers, kindnesses and sacrifices -- did not go unnoticed by the Guardian Angel.  

Daffodils are symbols of hope, and the Guardian Angel was not about to let the couple and their visitors down. 

From the ashes, out sprung a million golden daffodils!  Just as it does, every year, every spring, ever since.


*What is a miracle?  A miracle is defined as "an extraordinary intervention of God".

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