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August 2002
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Mrs. Gibson:  rqgibson@wcpss.net               Mrs. Vroome:  avroome@wcpss.net
November 18, 2002
Dear Families,
Here's what's up:
1.  Please know that we've been having troubles with our computer network here at school.  Emails that people have been sending to us haven't been arriving.  
If you don't get a reply from us, it is likely a result of this computer problem.
2. Interim reports will be sent home tomorrow.  Remember to look your child's report over for 0's.  Missing tasks can almost always be turned in for a 70, and are almost always the greatest difference between students who are making A's and students who are failing.  
3.  Our school's student council is running a canned good drive this week to benefit the North Carolina Food Bank, who's supplies are greatly depleted.  Please consider helping out with this drive by sending in a few cans with your child.
Better yet, give your child a chance to earn some money doing chores, and then take them to the grocery store to use that money to buy canned goods for the drive....That will teach your son or daughter that charity can come from him or her instead of only from you.  One can bought with a child's own money would teach a much stronger lesson about kindness and compassion than ten cans donated by a parent.
4.  A reminder that the bears team website has been changed to www.oocities.org/theddmsbears.  The old site can still be reached, but it is not updated at all.  Sorry for the confusion!  I'm currently fighting with geocities and they are not being very cooperative!
5.  A reminder that when your child is absent, you need to send in a note to your child's homeroom teacher.  If a note is not received, your child's abscence will be noted as unexcused.  Please write your absent notes right away and have your child bring them to us on the first day that they return to school to ensure that absences are noted accurately.
It is easiest to reach us through our individual emails (see the top of page) however, if you cannot reach us through email, you may call us here at school at 387-4373.  Also, you may check our web site (www.oocities.org/theddmsbears) daily to get homework updates and important school information as it comes available.    
       Alison Vroome
       Bears Team Leader
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