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For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ ... -2 Corinthians 10:4-5

Knowledge is power. -Sir Francis Bacon

This cyber-keep was constructed with the purpose of equipping you, the Christian apologist, with the knowledge necessary to pull down the strongholds of skeptics and make them without excuse before Christ. In an age of darkness and spiritual compromise, Christians must continually sharpen their sword to remain potent in spiritual warfare. Apologetics is not the sword, but the grindstone.

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7/24/04 4:45 PM
Supposedly studying for my English Literature CLEP at the library, I am, yet I find myself writing apologetical pieces on the Pentateuch. I've also revised various pieces after scouring them for grammatical errors. Also, God has led me to leave my summer job in pursuit of CLEP tests, and, I feel, a geology paper in AiG's technical journal.

6/16/04 10:24 PM
Summer is quite busy, sadly, but I continue to preach the truth, nonetheless. Recently I had a long email debate with a skeptic I met at message boards. I will add our correspondence to the debate section soon. I have also returned to, where I continue to harass pagans as I did in days of old. My first post upon returning is an essay I completed last night entitled, "Truth is Narrow." The actual post is here.

5/5/04 1:29 PM
Freshmen year of college complete! I can hardly believe it. This Saturday I shall return to Cedarville to complete six more credits. The difficult verse database contains new content. Perhaps a few articles will also be added.

3/6/04 8:57 PM
Home for spring break. I will try to work on DoT as much as possible. Currently writing and compiling a list of arguments creationists should not use. I write this in response to some arguments used by Lawrence Tisdall, a Canadian creationist that spoke at my church last Sunday. Unfortunately, I was still at college, but my dad bought the video lecture series and my sister took notes. Also, the children's book Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation used a few arguments that disappointed me.

2/24/04 11:02 PM
Last night I saw the Passion. I don't really want to comment on it other than that it is something that must be watched by any Christian. It is life-changing. All critics agree it is the most violent film ever made. What's amazing is that it could have been so much worse. The scourging, the most gut-wrenching 10 minutes you will ever see, probably was nothing compared to real scourgings. And they didn't rip out his beard.

Minor nitpickings aside, the movie could not have been better filmed. Tell the folk at church that this film is well worth a trip to a far away theatre. At the same time, I don't know if its something I would want to see again, or buy when it comes out on video/DVD. In fact, it's very disturbing to think that someone would buy the film for their own entertainment and stick it on the shelves alongside anything out of Hollywood. This is not a movie, but it is not a documentary. It is the Passion of the Christ, and you are there as it happens.

I would like to write more about it, but I could go on forever. I just got back from a panel discussion/Q&A with Dr. Brown, Pastor Rohm, and many Bible department profs in the DMC. It was very interesting and enlightening. One exceptionally good point was that the film could only display Jesus' physical suffering, not his spiritual suffering as he bore the world's sins. Also, everyone at the discussion agreed that Gibson's traditional Catholic beliefs are not a hinderance. The film clearly portrays Jesus as the lamb who layed down his life, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Of course, the secular critics do not understand this. They only see a mind-numbingly brutal bloodbath and then ignorantly ask questions like, "Where is the Christian hope in this?" Just ignore anything you read about the film and go experience a powerful reminder of what Jesus suffered in our place.

11/28/03 7:02 PM
Now that a fair amount of time is available, I will adding the primary content of Den of Thieves over the next few days. (Although I should be doing my take-home calc test. Yuck.)

11/27/03 10:34 PM
Thanksgiving in West Virginia with aunt and uncle. I was thrilled that God gave me the opportunity to share the Gospel with four Mormons. They certainly challenged my interpretation of the Bible, but I held firm and easily defeated them on a number of key points. It was only until the debate moved into their territory, the quizzical doctrine that defines Mormonism, that I began to falter. Nevertheless, I learned a tremendous amount about God's Word as I researched the appropriate answers afterwards.

9/16/03 4:13 PM
I am at Cedarville University! I have been here since August 15. Found something interesting in my chemistry book:
"the way in which [elements] are then assembled out of stardust into living organisms on our planet --- and perhaps other planets --- is not yet understood at all." (Kotz and Treichel, Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity, p45, 2003)

7/8/03 11:05 AM
Den of Thieves is no longer a daydream! I can now share the wealth of information I have obtained over the years with the entire world. Hopefully, it will stand as a bulwark against humanism and become known as the ally of pilgrims and apologists and the bane of infidels and skeptics.

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