Ray in the Bay!
Whats this? The biggest fish taken in Dublin Bay in Decades? Colm and Tim prove the bay is cleaner...
Welcome to Fishing Channel 9! This is a site dedicated to boat angling and sea fishing around Ireland. It is my aim to establish a friendly boat fishing comunity through the dual use of the VHF radio and the internet. On these pages you will find various 'skippers' who have registered their boats on the site and regularly write in fishing reports from around the country.
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        How it all works
All you have to do is E-Mail me on the link above with you, your usual crew and your boats profile and I will set you up a page of your own on this site DEDICATED to your boat. The information you send me should be of the same sort of content as is on the boat pages of this site. You only have to send me as little or as much information as you are comfortable with and if you wish you can send me a picture of your vessel for your page. Then when you are out fishing you will be able to post fishing reports on your page. When there are enough fishing boats registered from the same area you will be able to arrange to go out fishing from other people on this site and stage mini boat fishing competitions. All I ask is that everyone listens into channel 9 on their VHF (if you have one) when they are communicating at sea.  This is the channel we use. The idea is that people who have visited the site might listen in and actually here one of us out fishing. you never know...
        Whats New?
New report in from 'The Marle'! Oh and is'nt it a good one?

New report in from 'The Dirty Fecker'.
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One of the most important aspects of boat fishing is the knowledge of knots and i'm not just talking about fishing knots! You should know propper mooring hitches and how to secure a rope to an anchor!
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The Aquarium-An Excellent Guide To The Fish  In Our Waters
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