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02/18/04 12:50 AM -Generic

Well then, It's been AWHILE since I last updated last September. I don't have anything interesting to say.  I'll start updating more often...I guess. I'll post stuff up here occasionally that makes some sense....or none at all. I don't care either way. I'll just post what I feel like posting here. It gives me a strange feeling of power having control over this site and stuff. So yea....I'll update more about stuff....and stuff...>_>

While your waiting for's some pictures for you to look at.

Me Holding my katana in my hand...

My Katana laying on my floor.

Now a pic of my Katana laying amidst some other weapons I have...*this picture is brighter than the rest*

Here's a pic of this girl I'm really good friends with.

My cat on top of my gerbil cage.

And here's just interesting picture....



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