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The Fulcrum is a grouping of rooms, each unique, and each linked, allowing travel between them. All the rooms are linked by the Fulcrum, an anomaly in the fabric of space and time - its secrets have been probed and protected by the Fulcrum corporation, which has set up Club Fulcrum as a waypoint between all the places the Fulcrum can take you. The different universes each abide by their own rules - some have magic. Some operate on rules allowing high technology. Each room is unique, retaining its setting, while allowing characters from any setting.

Club Fulcrum evens the score, taking away all advantages. Here within the Fulcrum itself nothing but blades are allowed, putting everybody on an even playing field. This is where everybody goes to mix, where the elves go to see the modern, and where the futurists go to see the quaint, old-fashioned people from the modern era. It's a hodgepodge of gansters, sorcery, and high technology.


The rules to each channel are somewhat unique to that channel - and as time passes, and channels diversify, they will only become more so. It's important to keep up on the rules for each room - kicks and tempbans can graduate to permbans if you're not respectful of the rules. Click the 'rules' button to find rules and guidelines usually common to every room - each room is unique though, and on their pages you will find exceptions and variations to those rules.