The Lizards' Convention

     Most of the time we hang out in Singapore, at other times we don't.

     The Lizards' Convention is currently made up of Leon Lim, (lyrics, guitars and unusual noises), Adrian Loo (guitar, lyrics and more strange noises), and Kristine Oehlers (vocals and unusual noises of a vocal nature).
     Our first CD, entitled "Here's A Funny Fish, Hurrah" came out in 1995 and we are currently preparing for the release of our second one.

A numerical History

     "The Lizards' Convention seeks to be a manifestation of the Absolute.
     "We started out as 2, that really was 1, became 3, then 4, then 5, then 2, then 3, then 4, now we're 3 again, but really, we want to be one with the One. No one really knows about the first 2s, 3s, and 4s. But the last 4 that became a 3, is probably a subject of curiousity for many.
Well, the 3rd, that became the 4th because she left, hence leaving 3, and therefore she had to be the 4th, but she really was the 2nd 3rd, left the 4 of us because 1 of the indistinguishable 1st 2 did something the 3rd didn't like, which made her want to leave and hence ergo in conclusion, 4 became 3 that wants to be 1.
3 in 1, 1 in 3 : Holy Trinity; Hindu Trimurti; Instant Coffee (with sugar&milk); Absolute Reality; Divinity."

      The Lizards' Convention

      Somehow you have stumbled (or surfed) into the web(page) of The Lizards' Convention. An absolutely safe web (our dear Miss Quiss has wonderfully woven) for all you surfing insects, I assure you, and also harmless for homo sapiens.
      We are probably the world's first vegetarian convention of lizards. However, Adrian likes a good plate of Char Siew Rice, loves good dim sum (which means pork, pork, and more pork), and of course Tu Lang, and though Kristine is not a big fan of Bak Tuk Teh, she does indulge in meat products on an almost daily basis, having recently discovered the culinary joys of meat sauce, and other saucy stuff. And Leon? Leon, a self confessed cheesesteak afficionado, is vegetarian probably 6 out of the 7 days that make what we know as the week. He devoutly devours meat on Fridays, and that is his profound penitence. His abstinence? Lentils, chickpeas and pinto beans.

      Who are The Lizards' Convention, and do you really care? Or should I say, why should you really care? I must confess, for us moderns (and postmoderns), there really isn't much to care about - we don't give free cellular phone subscriptions, we don't offer the latest BMW for our first 100 visitors (actually, we did, you're just too late), we surely do not grant material wishes, and god no, we don't deconstruct. But but but, what we do, in these trying times of getting ahead and trying to get laid; of bender weekends and gender benders; of material gains and financial strains; of cynicism and skepticism; of disbelief and all that grief; of nothing, and no one but me me me; of bigger! better! faster! more! more! more!... er... where was I?
      Oh, yes, amidst the confusing conundrum, stand three small figures figuring that wanting more and more will someday lead you to tumble against the more than the most, as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi would say. So, we conclude that less is more, unless you pursue the wrong less. But this less is more than most will ever be.
Permit us to explain...