The McClures of Athens,Tn.

    Zelma B. McClure       Charles E. McClure Sr.

The McClure Family of this generation began in the year 1952, when Charles E.McClure Sr. and Zelma B. Nash were wed in happy matrimony,in Newark, NJ, when I was on two weeks leave from McCord Air Force Base, Tacoma,WA. Then we setup housekeeping while I was stationed at Hamilton AFB,CA, about 25 miles north of San Francisco, as a Western Air Defense Force Supervisor. We rented an apartment in Marine City,CA. After there for one year, our first child was born, Charles E. McClure Jr. After spending our final year of four in the Air Force, we moved back to Athens,Tn. After two months looking for work,we moved to Newark, NJ.,there we worked for two years, during that time our second child was born, Mildred R. McClure. We left Newark and came back to Athens, when I finally landed a job at a papermill. During my 13 years working at the papermill, I worked night shift and during the days I attended the Tennessee State Vocational School of Electronics for two years, after which I started Moonlighting at home on Radio-Tv repairs from 1963-1994. There were four more offsprings added to our family, James A.McClure, Allen W. McClure, Mary J. McClure Lewis and George D. McClure. I left the papermill job for a better one here in Athens,they had just built Westinghouse Small Motors Plant , my position there was Plant Electrician for 25 years, during this time I attended Cleveland State Community College, took courses in Computer progamming. I also sent four of the six children thru the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Some of my hobbies are fishing, helping elderly people, basketball, football and tennis. I've been in Amateur Radio (wb4grb) for 33 years.

Zelma's hobbies are flower gardens, cooking and helping the Children and elderly, she is a Amateur Radio Operator (wa4vzx). Zelma attended 18th Ave K-6,Baldwin St 6-8 and Cleveland Jr High 8-9 in Newark New Jersey. Then she came to Athens to go to J.L. Cook High School where she finished high school as the classes Valedictorian. She and I were in the same classes thru High School. She also attended Essex County Vocational, Newark,NJ,after coming to Athens, she attended Cleveland State Community College for computer programming. She had served on the Athens City School Board for Thirteen years, was elected Treasury of the city school board in 1998. Zelma was the recipient of the (VIVD) Very Important Volunteer Individual of the City of Athens, Tn, for Continued Community Service Aug. 18, 1998. She also received her Level III Boardsmanship award from TSBA Sept.9, 1999. Also served as Co-Moderator of Presbyterian Women, serving 82 churches. Listed in the 1968 outstanding Women of America. Adult Sunday School Teacher, and she delivers meals on wheels in Athens, has served on the board of directors of the YMCA.Delivers Children's Sermon each sunday at church. This year, 2006 she return to the City School system as a Monitor for the K-3rd Grade.

On the 6th of April,2002, the children gave us our 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration at the local senior citizens center. Then on April 11 thru 18th,2002, the children treated Zelma and I to our 50th wedding anniversary in Honolulu, Hawaii. we had a beautiful time. Zelma attended a retreat for Committee on Preparation for Ministry in Presbyterian Church U.S.A. Oct. 5, 2002 at John Knox Center. Now she is enjoying serving on a new program here in the county, called McMinn County Community Development Corporation.We had our longest vacation ever on June 16, thru July 21, 2003. We went on a Cruise out of Galvaston,TX, to Cozumel Mexico for four days. Then we kept cool till the OMIK Convention in Houston. There we meet so old and new friends and had a ball. We plan a second Hart-Nash Family reunion around June 2007, it will be a cruise into mexico and Florida Keys. My youngest daughter Mary Juanita Lewis has returned to the work force in her field of industrial Engineering, she is working for Wachovia Bank N.A. as Vice President, Senior Project Manager-Strategic Services, Retirement and Investment Products Group. TO VIEW THE CHILDREN'S PAGE,SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE,THEN CLICK ON THE BUTTONS BELOW ONE AT A TIME, AFTER VIEWING THE FIRST ONE HIT THE BACK BUTTON ON TOP OF THE PAGE AND CLICK ON THE NEXT CHILDS BUTTON,etc..


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