Paula Mengarelli is a contemporary folk singer from the north-west suburbs of Illinios. She and her band mates played in The Show's studios last year and here are the photos of that event.

See Paula this summer...

* Barlett Festival
Date and time TBD

* WGN Morning Show
Date and time TBD

In the news...The Paula Mengarelli Group continue to plow through the European Market. 2 additional Radio stations picked us up in Belgium, 1 in Denmark, 1 in England, 1 in France, 2 in Germany, and 1 in Netherlands. Thus far they are being heard in 14 countries, over 33 radio stations. In addition an Austrian journal/magazine listed them as an upcoming artist and referred to Paula Mengarelli as "Great music, great hits".

In more Paula news:

* The band is breaking in a new guiartist. His name is Jimmy. They report, "He is awesome."

* The Hope, Love, Fear and Madness CD ranked in the top 100 CD's played and supported in Europe for 2001.
Well we are doing very will with our first month out with "Great American Country".
We are getting great exposure all over Europe and tons of air play in Cedar Rapid, Iowa and Nevada. Just got word this weekend that we will debut on a well listened to radio station in Florida. In fact you can tune in via internet at "Great American Country" will be hear on this station on Sunday morning at 6:16 a.m. I know it is very early, but we will be getting other time slots in weeks to come.
Thanks to all who have supported me and the band.
Keep checking back here for more updates, or simply log onto Paula's page for more details on her and the band!



These are pics of one of several gigs Paula has been performing at.









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