Low Skies

Chicago's Low Skies have created an album of ominous beauty with their signature sound of haunting atmospherics wrapped around a burning rock center. THE BED is the soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic world, one that seduces you into thinking the worst is over. Yet just when that tranquility whispers, "It's going to be alright," the tremors of the quake that just might tear it all apart for good hit. Low Skies' debut album is harrowing, yet hopeful, and hits like nothing else around. The band will be doing a short jaunt of the Midwest & Southern US in March, which will be followed by more scattered dates until the May 2003 relase of THE BED, at which point the band will embark on a full US tour for most of the Summer.

Click here for their website.
E-mail them at rockband@lowskies.com


Viza-Noir lies somewhere between the bulldozer and the scalpel - passion and power; precision and patience. Their third release (a joint FS and Proshop release) marks their best work yet. Chicago is known for its quality strategic rock outfits; viza-noir honors that reputation.

To find out more, view their site here

Hot Dog City

Reviving the great, Chicago, pop-rock tradition, Hot Dog City knows their roots, and not just musically. John Roeser and co. write songs about famous hemophiliacs, potato famines, and america's glorious past that are sure to make everyone from howard zinn to alex chilton giddy.

To find out more, view their site here

Ancient Greeks

The Ancient Greeks are a pop band from chicago. Press the band for a description, they'll call it math-pop. They like their fives & sevens integrated with hooks & melodies to form a whole both logical and emotive: polyrhythms that make you want to kiss strangers; dance music for people with three-and-a-half legs. The band's respect for post-bop jazz, '70s african pop, 20th century minimalism, bossa nova & soul began their adventure together.

To find out more, view their site here

Pottiffer's Penny

Pottiffer’s Penny is a 3 piece unsigned hard rock band from Yorkville, Illinois, a small town 40 miles west of Chicago. The sound of the band is often described as “Undefined”. Six years in the making, Pottiffer’s Penny has grown into a stong live act, culitvating a cult-like following and a growing reputation amongst musicians and fans alike, playing venues all over Illinois, as well as its’s surrounding states...

To find out more, view their site here

The Audreys

They play at pretty well known clubs, they have CD's and pretty cool posters...check them out here
Friday February 14th at The Beat Kitchen
Showtime is 9:30
The Audreys will be sharing the bill with Thee Shams and L'American Deathray Music.

Evil Beaver

Read allllll about the Beaver by clicking here

Cooking With Brak

The band got together in 2001 in the summer with Rico and Tim and some of there pals. They broke up and recreated the band and adpoted a bunch of new mebers finally kicking out and letting people in to end up with Evan, Rico, Tim, Mark, and Brendan. But the band wasnt quite working, so Mark and Brendan were releaved of their duties. Kala and Mike, old pals of Evan, joined the band. Everyone was happy with this change, and the band is still together. CWB has played a number of shows mainly around the areas of Frankfort, Mokena, Manhatten, New Lenox, Orland, Frankfort Square, and Monee. We are constantly practicing and working on new music and such. We have a number of songs done acousticly, but putting them into electricity is always a little more difficult. Our style of music is quite mixed. Its a bit of rock, a tad of punk, and a good deal of emo and alternative. Our inspiration comes from emo bands such as Dashboard Confessional, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Thursday, and so many more. We would also like to let it be known that we are always looking for shows. If any other local bands are in need of a band to play with, email us. Cheers. Cookingwithbrak@yahoo.com or check their site out here.

Want to know about them?...here is an article from CMJ that gives you some pretty good idea what these guys are all about:

"Mention the Cells in Chicago and you're bound to get an earful. 'The Cells write great songs and put on a phenominal live show,' says Chris Payne, host of Q101/Chicago's "Local 101". 'The Cells' music explodes out of your speakers,' Richard Milne, host of WXRT/Chicago's Local Anesthetic," exclaims. Sensing a trend? So are we. The Cells' promising debut, We Can Replace You, boasts song after song of fun yet genuine pop-punk that rivals most major label acts attempting to do the same thing. The album's memorable opener, "Silver Cloud," clearly outlines what listeners should expect from the other nine songs on this album: hooks. Lots of 'em. In short, We Can Replace You is the type of album that begs to be listened to (loudly) on a summer day when you skip work, jump in the car and cruise to the beach with the windows down. There's no need for us to recommend tracks. You can pretty much hit the random play button on the CD player and let fate decide what song pops on; they're all equally good."

You may learn more by clicking here to visit their site.

To listen to some of their material, click here.

DJ Therblig

Learning to dj in his basement with his older brother in 1990 when a Chicago dance scene was dominated by house music, he learned to dj industrial. Playing music from artist like Vomito Negro, Front242, X-marks the Pedwalk, Force Dimension, Revolting Cocks, Frontline Assembly, Tragic Error and Sheep on Drugs. After months of dj-ing he started playing at parties, events, clubs and made regular guest appearences on local radio station 90.5FM Chicago WRTE. In 1993 Therblig submitted a demo and was offered a residency at club "Alcatraz". Months into his residency the club was shutdown because of a violation of a liquor license. In 1996 Therblig was introduced to El Proffesor and Submerge 101 of the 101 crew. Were he began doing sound with El Proffesor for local raves and underground events. Taking a break from industrial Therblig began helping out El Proffesor at raves and events and was suddenley drawn into the rave scene, After 3 years in the rave scene Therblig began to mix again, playing Techno music from artist like Marco Bailey, Tok Tok, Sven Vath, Surgeon, Advent, and Steve Stoll. It wasn't long before Therblig started playing out. Now 3 years later Therblig is playing harder than ever with seamless blends and control over the records. His style influenced greatly by labels and artist's like compound, audio, form, Pounding Grooves, Glen Wilson, Westwood Bros., Marco Bailey, Henrick B., Andreas Kraemer, kay d. Smith, and Alex K. Katz. These days he can be found mixing or working on projects along side artist's Josh Grant, Submerge 101, G-affex, and dj.mardrid.

See Therblig's site by clicking here and see more bio info., audio clips & images.

Visit this local groups web-site and find out more.

Braintree has recently been added to 17 new radio stations in one week, making it a total of 27 in only their third week of their radio campaign. CFOU in Canada is reporting heavy rotation, and a few others are reporting large amounts of requests for Braintree. For a complete list, visit their website at www.braintreeband.com.

Panic 1252 is a sw burbs band who know how to rock. What else is there to say about them?...Well get the low down on this group by checking out their web-site here.

Beth Gillis

Beth Gillis, a local girl from the southwest burbs is an acoustic solo artist who's songwriting is influenced by a wide range of genres from folk to classical. Blending the sounds of folk, rock, blues, and contemporary alternative, her songwriting and vocal styles have been compared to the likes of, Janis Joplin, Simon & Garfunkel, Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, Bob Dylan, and Sarah MacLachlan. Some have even put her as the female counterpart to Billy Joel.

You may now download Beth's music or be updated on info and gigs, click here or check more out of Beth @ her new site here

The Digital Kill

Curious on what they sound like? Check out there MP3 site here. There are acoustic and alternate versions of their songs on there.

If you are interested in a demo CD of acoustic version of their music contact them via their web-site.

Wild Hell Dogs

Wild Hell Dogs describe themselves as kind of roots rock/alternative country/blues/rockabilly, but with bigger arrangements. Check out some of their older material here.

The Paperbacks

The Paperbacks are all about basic rock and roll. If it's anything more than four chords, chances are it's not on our set list. Most people say they sound like a somewhat harder version of The Kinks.

They are a local band from Chicago and some of thier members were (or are in one case) linked to such bands as Seam, The Chinese Millionaires, and The Goblins.

Currently, they're playing the local scene in Chicago and have opened up for such acts as The Dictators, Lee County Killers and Reigning Sound (Greg Oblivian's new band). They've just finished recording a demo CD and are focusing on playing outside of the Chicago area in addition to shopping around for a possible label.

See The Paperbacks

Saturday, March 29
10 PM
Cal's Bar
400 S. Wells
The Nobs and Organ Wolf

The Dead Raccoons are fully prepared to take over the world with their unique blend of harmony, teamwork, and musicianship. Check out their web site for more info. about the Raccoon members, plus upcoming shows. You can tell all of your friends that you have discovered the next big group, that you were cool before anyone else...that you were the first kid on your block to hear the Dead Raccoons.

See The Dead Racoons

Friday, March 28th
11957 S.Pulaski in Alsip
9 pm

Check out The Dishes. Chicago's very own The Dishes are all over the city and the Mid-West this summer. Check out their site and see where they'll be playing in your area. Also listen to tracks off their debut album.

Last month they recorded a new song (currently known as "Monkeywrench") for Oil: Chicago Punk Refined, a compilation to be released by Thick Records in early 2003. The comp has kind of a cool conceit: all the bands are from Chicago (off the top of my head they include the Alkaline Trio, Owls, Detachment Kit... ), and each one recorded in a half-day slot at an ad-hoc studio set up in this cute little oil factory on the south side of Chicago (and really, it was cute: lots of primary colors, wooden floors, in a nice old brick building with an arched roof & lovely natural reverb). The idea is to emphasize the connection between Chicago's working-class roots and the work ethic of its music scene, and the CD's supposed to include video footage, interviews, still photos from the sessions, a history of the factory, etc.

They'll be doing more recording (and then more writing, and then more recording) this fall and winter.

Because they run our own label and aren't big enough to get into "one-stops" or your local Tower, you might not be able to find their records if you don't have a good independent store nearby. In particular their first album (self-titled) is hard to find; in fact the reason they're doing this is that they've been getting inquiries lately about where to find it. But both CDs are available in an increasing number of places online...You can also find this info on the merch page of thedishes.com by clicking on the record you're looking for.

See The Dishes

The Beat Kitchen
2100 W. Belmont, 773-281-4444
9 PM * tickets are $8 * 21 and over

The Paybacks & The Rioteers

Hear The Dishes

Rescheduled from last time. The show airs from 4 PM to 6:30. There'll be one other band--Sinister Luck Ensemble.
WNUR can be heard at 89.3 FM in parts of Chicago or at www.wnur.org.

Meet Face Off...a new pop punk group from Indiana came to The Show to get exposure...check out their single "Retarded for Her" and post your opinions on The Show Online's Message Board

Who is
Paula Mengarelli

If you are in a band and would like people to know about you, simply e-mail The Show Online with all the details, plus any pics you may have of your group and/or CD and it will be posted!

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