Beth Gillis - 4/21/02 @ Moraine Valley

So who is Beth Gillis? Its something that is said with new artists...and when it comes time for an artist to come to town its even harder for exposure. The artist has to deal with empty seats and has to sell the remaining audience. Overall, its tough being a new artist.

Yet for Beth Gillis, she knew all this already and is showing that she may be new and getting her voice heard, but she is also ready for any challenges that may come ahead.

Playing a college-tour of sorts @ Moraine Valley the audience was mainly a lunchtime crowd, coming on and out, looking over their shoulders and dinner plates to see whos voice was carrying over the auditorium.

Beth played over an hour, covering her own material and few covers from Joni Mitchells Big Yellow Taxi, Billy Joels Everybody Loves You Now, the Beatles Its Only Love, and John Lennons Working Class Hero.

Little banter occurred but I truly could see some serious chit chat time with her and her audience once in a bigger and better venue.

Beth is a true singer songwriter whose lyrics are both personal and obvious. From her tracks "College Educated Dropout" to "All the Way" she dives into relatable issues and yet allowing the audience to see into her eyes and understand her feelings and emotions without really having to relate.

No matter where she began, no matter how big or small an audience, Beth Gillis has a rare talent that will hopefully someday make it all the way...

--Todd - Chicago-

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