Coldplay - 2/19/01 @ the Riviera

Dispite a bout with the American cold, UK popsters' Coldplay braved through a spirited set taken from their debut album Parachutes (and then some).
After a short display from openers Powderfinger, the Coldplay crew were set to rock...or so it seemed.
Though the opening song "Spies" came off without a hitch, "Yellow" (the band's only hit so far) hit a few snags. Singer Chris Martin's voice straining under the virus to hit the high notes, and his breaking of an acoustic string (and how he handled it) didn't help the band to make the best of impressions on me.
Although they managed to keep a sense of humor about it, the constant whining about their illness dragged the tempo of a show that could have been great. The band's chops were in top form, though what disappointed me was their volume; for a group that was inspired by bands like Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine, and The Stone Roses, it was more like an amplified Belle and Sebastean.
The crowd didn't mind though, their response provoked Chris to boast "you are all making us feel like popstars!" Though I had enjoyed their note-perfect renditions of tunes from the debut CD; what caught my ear were the awesome new songs which Chris told me they had been working on for almost a year, and were going to record in the studio sometime in August ("Animals" being a stand-out fave for me). Watch for them and Graddaddy, the show will be entertaining whatever price your ticket is.

--Dave, Chicago -

Coldplay - 2/19/01 @ the Riviera

I usually wouldn't attend a concert for somebody who has one hit on the radio that is over played on more than one station, but Coldplay struck my ear and when they came to town and saw that tickets were only $15, I had to check them out. I didn't buy their album, nor any of their 2 EP's or singles, so I couldn't say, "I hope they play...." all the music was brand new to me and I loved every song. They weren't repetitive in their set, each song had it's own tone, different lighting, set up. While it was hard to understand the heavily thick British accents of Guy, Jon, Will, & Chris...who also had bad colds...the music was clear. They played pretty much every song off Parachutes and a few new ones that were pretty impressive. afterwards, in the 20 degree weather we had waited out with about 30 others by the stage door to meet the U.K. boys. After over an hour they joined us, briefly signing posters and tickets, taking a few photos and leaving. Rumor has it that would be their last show do to their illness. They are coming back to Chicago in much warmer weather this spring...this time I know all the songs and have their album and E.P.' I know what to expect next time.

--Todd, Chicago -







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