Coldplay - 9/24/02 @ the UIC Pavilion

There are only a few shows that I have ever been to that feel more like an event than just a concert…tonight’s Coldplay show @ the UIC Pavilion was one of those events. Whether it be because this was their last night of their U.S. tour and they seemed to truly give it their all, or maybe it was the emotions that came off each and every song, bringing back memories near and/or far, or how the band just showed that even though they only have 2 albums, they can still change a cord here and there and make an old song sound so new…or maybe overall it was my obsession with Chris Martin

Either way, Coldplay’s energy and style seem to ride many on two of it’s band members, before mentioned Chris Martin’s vocals, though @ times in the beginning, could have been confused for Dave Matthews or Thom York (Radiohead), they are so filled with emotion and strength you are taken back a little when you see him live. The other member is lead guitarist Jonny Buckland who makes the sound of Coldplay happen. Coldplay is a band that may come from the ever evolving U.K. scene and at times can sound similar to it’s fellow categorists, but they have a sound and emotion that only they can pull off and one that, in my opinion, everyone can relate. They are a rare breed, a breed that can actually sound better live.

Adding to the “event” comment of this show, this is the first show and also first band in general that I have seen so many people from so many ethnicities and backgrounds love! This was a show for anyone…though they have seemed to pick up a following of lovers and dreamers, like myself, this was also a show that was packed with pure rock tunes (“Shiver,” “Yellow,” “Politik,” “In My Place”) though on the radio they may sound balladish, they knew how to make those tearful songs into rock anthems. They also did know how to make you cry (“Everything’s Not Lost,” “Trouble,” “The Scientist,” “Green Eyes,” “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face”).

Highlights of the nights, besides the whole show in general, was a marriage proposal that occurred during the encore on stage that the band was in on…along with the proposer, and of course the proposee had no clue, and no doubtly said yes…then followed by Coldplay playing their title track to their latest album “A Rush of Blood to the Head.”

Other highlights were opener Ash performing a pretty upbeat set playing a few old tacks from their 1996 and 98’ albums and most from their latest, “Free all Angels.” Lead vocalist & guitarist, Tim Wheeler, came on during Coldplay’s “God Put…” since it was their last show together. And one last bit to mention was during “Everything’s Not Lost” (off Coldplay’s debut “Parachutes” album – the last track) Martin snuck in a Nelly chores of “it’s gettin’ hot in here” which fit in real well with the song oddly enough and made you want to possibly see a nice side project come out of them doing some nice ghetto covers.

Overall the night was a night to remember…a night where no one felt that their money was wasted…it was a night for the fans and for those who only knew their “2 songs.” The band obviously has a future and they aren’t getting big headed over it. This was a night that sent the single, the couple, the lovers, the haters, the black, the white, the happy & the sad away and put a smile upon their faces and sent them away to their places.

--Todd - Chicago-

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