Garbage - 10/02/01 @ the Virgin Megastore

After taking a 2-year break, Garbage has come out of the mid-westion woodwork to show up what will be coming this fall.

What was labeled a “rehearsal” or sorts for the up and coming openings of the U2 shows…Garbage performed at the Virgin Megastore in Chicago on the release date of their new album “Beautiful Garbage”. Soon after the performance they personally signed each and every copy that the audience had of the new album.

The album is, again, nothing like the previous, just as Version 2.0 was nothing like their 1996 self-titled debut. “Beautiful Garbage” mixes some R&B to typical pop to somber ballads.

The songs played at the in-store event where the 2 rock heavy songs of the album, “androgyny” and “cherry lips (go baby go!).” Shirley Manson, lead vocals, was asked later that night what her favorite track was…she said, after a pause, “this one,” referring to the store playing “parade” a Pete Yorn sounding guitar ballad about explosions.

Garbage has come at a good time…they don’t fit in with the 311’s and the Creed’s who put out album after album all sounding the same…she fits more in with the Tori Amos’s and Radiohead's who surprize us with each album.

This being the bands 3rd… “Beautiful Garbage” shows both growth and originality. Rolling Stone has labeled the group and Manson as a very underrated bunch whose lyrics don’t fit in to a pop band, but that’s what we don’t want to hear anymore. As we move on into the decade we hope and want to see more bands pulling a Garbage and come out with a original sound and come out with their own identity. Pop doesn’t have to be “oh baby, baby” and rule the Top 40 charts, it can also be androgynist.

--Todd, Chicago -

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