Gorillaz - 03/03/02 @ the Aragon

What may be the only show they ever do, Gorillaz sold out Aragon show on Sunday was one of those shows not to miss.

There isnít much to cover when you are a new band with one album and a b-sides (g-sides) EP...yet Gorillaz strong hour-plus set was filled with their album hits.

The entire show was cartoon...with the real band members, Damen Albarn of Blur as 2-D and also main lead singer, plus members of Cibo Mata, and the Tom Tom Club to name a few were all behind the screen.

The show had mixed reviews before the show even began, mainly by rumors that it was all just one big cartoon show, to they may raise the screen at the end. They never did raise the screen and yes it was a cartoon show with concet lights shining all over the place and the sound as loud as any other show, but you werenít left feeling like you watched some Saturday morning cartoon, you left in a somewhat awe of what you saw. This is one of those times that may never happen again and even if you never got to see the real people behind the 2-D characters on the screen, you were their for the music they they choosed and that is worth not re-hashing over.

--Todd - Chicago- iownu2@yahoo.com

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