Nikka Costa - 12/02/01 @ the Park West

Everybody had their something that night at the Park West when Nikka Costa hit the stage, making up for countless attempts to hit the road in support of her new album, Everybody Got Their Something.

After a sluggish opener by Miranda Lee RichardsNikka came on stage with her nine band mates and showed everyone that that powerful voice on her album was not helped by computers or any form of mechanics…it’s all her!

Nothing much was expected of Nikka, except a powerful and soulful show. Bringing all sorts of genres together in one room. She even stated how she is tired of people questioning what kind of music she is…or where she could be “filed” under…she does it doesn’t matter, music shouldn’t have labels…it should just be made.

She has made a great album, a must on my best of this year. In the show she hit your groove songs, such as the title track to the album and “push & pull”. She then hit on the rock songs like “tug of war,” “so have I for you,” and “like a feather” and almost making you want to mosh with her on stage as she threw herself around to the guitar solos and beats.

A few moments were dedicated to ex-“one minute” dated boyfriends, like the song “hope for good.” Also she thanked the audience for letting us be herself again while she went in “Nikka who?

Highlites of the evening were the introduction to the band memebers, or as she called them, her “Superfly Band.” Each had a chance to solo themselves into recognition. The main one was the lead guitarists “paranoid android” guitar riff from Radiohead's OK Computer album. Then the drummer (who’s b-day was that day) broke out into a Led Zeppelin drum solo.

Her encore was the final track on the album…then she returned again alone to do an a cappella tune.

Nikka’s album was strong, but short…which worried me at first. I thought if this girl had a lot in her, why such a short album? Yet her show showed promise and originality, even though I compare her to what Janis Joplin would be doing today if she were alive. So over all, Nikka did have something that night and she showed it to everybody else.

--Todd - Chicago -

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