Siouxsie & the Banshees - 4/21/02 @ the Vic

Can it be possible to go to a show based on knowing they are goth-punk rock legands, own only their “best of” albums and claim it to be one of the best shows you have ever seen?...well that is what I had claimed when I saw Siouxsie & the Banshees @ their Seven-Year Itch tour.

Their two-hour set was packed with most likely tracks from all over their album history, even diving into the newly formed The Creatures and only hitting upon a few of their “hits” such as “christine”, “cities in dust” & “spellbound”.

What sold me at this sold out show was first the openers were nothing I have ever seen, eX-Girl...basically it’s the result of throwing Cornelius, Pizzicato Five, & Sleater-Kinney all in one room. Yet their energy, colorful out fits and spirits seemed out of place at this mostly dark, tattoed & pierced crowd.

Yet another reason I was sold on this show was the lighting. I don’t know how many times I have to state that I have been to some “bad” shows, yet if their lighting is good I may have a better opinion about the group. There are also times where I will go to a fav’s band show and be bothered by their lack of creativity with the stage.

The highlite of the night was when early on in the show Siouxsie Sioux complained how the security kept pacing during their set and that she was “going to play golf with their heads...cause everyone knows that heads are best to play golf with,” as she practised a swing. Then later she acted upon her golfing skills and during “spellbound” she had stopped mid-song and chased down a security guard and kicked him in the back of the head with her heal and attempting to swing the micophone at him as well...she then belted, “it’s not about the band, or you people, it’s about the f*$@ing security!!!!” and went on with the tune.

This show overall impressed me, whether it was the lighting, or the fact that cool bands like this can stay togther for 25 years...Siouxsie & her Banshees may be an old band now, but they still know how to grab an audience and make it all look new again. This seven-year itch was definatley scratched...and bled all over the stage.

--Todd - Chicago-

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