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Weezer is an amazing rock band and all, one of mine and my circle's favorite bands. I work at a large scale record store in downtown Chicago, and I was the only one of my co-workers who attended the United Center show. I've been to 2 other Weezer shows before at way smaller venues and they where so much better there than at the United Center, but thats not the point of the email.

I have been to over 50 concerts in the past 3 years...and this show has ranked towards the bottom, and the reason I had to say so was because of the band called Cold. I know of a lot of die-hard Weezer fans that lost a lot of respect because of this tour, and i knew Cold was going to be bad...but they where the most god awful band I've ever heard in my life. And I know musical tastes are objective...but Cold is one band that does not belong at a Weezer show and vice versa. On the news page it was posted:
"I've never really seen anything like this before, and it's a bummer, as I felt like everyone in the bands and crew was just getting to know each other, and were getting along well...plus its no fun for a tour to lose a band like that"

I know a group of guys that dont know how to handle instruments and could stand on stage making white noise, who could probably get along with Weezer just as well...seriously, I think for the risk of insulting the Weezer fans intelligence, we get some sort of explanation why this band was put on the tour.

And while I know publicly you guys wont admit it, and I dont blame you, but the quality of this entire tour has just shot straight up...why dont you ask The Get Up Kids, who were a real rock band or even Ozma to rejoin the tour?...I know the fans will forgive and forget.

In conclusion...maybe its not your fault at all, you are just getting dragged in the mud with this whole thing...I know that you are not a Cold fan and Im sure you despise the whole nu-metal scene so I wont rag on you. But if in any way, that one of the band members of Weezer even glances at this note...I have one piece of advice, Stop, and take ten steps back and look what you are doing to yourself...having a cult status is what made you guys who you are, and dont forget it...I know Rivers has issues with "Pinkerton", and I respect him not wanting to play it, but he needs to embrace the kids that allowed him to even get into the United Center.

There are bands that reach to the lowest common denominator of pop rock, and if we hold our breath...the new Now 8 should be coming soon, and maybe we'll see something off the Green Album sandwiched between Britney Spears and Matchbox 20.

--Steve, Chicago - Walkaabout@aol.com

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