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What's This?

This is a Homepage dedicated to all our favourite things, including AIESEC; Talkers / Chat Sites; Pinky and the Brain; Martial Arts; The X-files; Fiji; The Artist Formely Known as Prince; Michael Jackson; and Australia. The page is a combination of personal comments, great Inet links, picture galleries...and much more...You can also sign our guestbook or search the net from here using the Australia Search Engine.

So check us out...

Who are we?

This page is a product of the talents of two girls from Aus...Nandya and Maja. We've known each other for about 7 years now and I guess you can say that we've grown up together. The page is a compilation of our combined and individual interests and we believe that it is the best indication of who we are. Here are our brief biographies :

Nandya : I'm an Environmental Science student at Macquarie University. I plan to major in Resource and Environmental Management and if everything goes well, I should be outta uni by the end of '98!! Those who have spoken to me via my fav talkers should know my story...and those who haven't are missin out! ; )

Maja : I'm an 18 year old student at The University of Sydney, majoring in Archaeology and Asian Studies. I love Uni and plan to continue onto further studies in Archaeology after I finish my BA in '98. Apart from the interests I've mentioned in this page, I also love to travel, play pool, and PARTY!!!

Now that you know who we are, tell us who you are!...fill out this simple feedback form & tell us a bit about yourself, what you think of our pages & anything else you think is worth a mention!

Our Pages

The following links are all to our pages. They are a combination of all our fav things.

Maja is an AIESECer...what? you might ask. AIESEC is the world's largest student organisation based in over 87 countries and with over 80 000 members! This page is solely Maja's creation and will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the organisation. It also includes a variety of links, including links to other AIESEC websites and to AIESEC international. Our Talkers / Chat Sites page is a combination of links to some of the best chat sites on the net. If you like to spend hours chatting away, check out these sites. For even more fun, our Pinky and the Brain page tells you all about these two wacky characters who will surely keep you amused. Our P&B page includes a picture gallery and our favourite links. For something a little bit more serious, our Martial Arts page is what we believe to be our best... great info, links, and picture galleries on Bruce lee, Jet li, Jackie Chan, Jason Scott Lee, and Aikido. If you too have become addicted to the cult series, The X-Files , you'll love this combination of the best X-Files sites on the net & the loads of pictures in our picture gallery. Discover a piece of paradise...FIJI Our site includes some great links & general tips on anything from accommondation to tipping! For the musicaly inclined :), our pages on The Artist Formely Known as Prince and Michael Jackson are dedicated to the works of these incredible artists. Discover the other piece of paradise...Australia This page lists a large number of great links on the best country on earth! For all the links that didn't really have a home, we put them here, the Miscellaneous Links page. Here, we've included all the sites listed in the above categories, and some of the other cool sites on the net we believe are worth a look. There's also a great list of HTML help sites.

We hope that you enjoy browsing through our pages & remember to sign out guestbook before you leave.

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This page created solely by Maja and Nandya with our own hands and imagination

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