We are a large group of Lindy Hoppin', Jitterbuggin', and Fun Lovin' Swing Dancers who are motivated and enthusiastic to assemble together to Dance to our hearts content on Sunday Afternoons in the City of Santa Monica's Famous and Very Popular Third Street Promenade! It's located on the beautiful, picturesque, and sunny Pacific coastal shores of Los Angeles County.  This is the Only Regularly Scheduled OUTDOOR Swing Dance Event and Venue, and the first of its kind in all of Southern California.  It's a unique occasion for any Savoy, Hollywood, Dean Collins style of Lindy Hop, East/West Coast, and other styles of SwingMeisters to come out and just dance and perform for the fun, to entertain, for the camaraderie, to make new friends, and to introduce what swing dancing is about to the local general public, visitors, and tourists.

If you're going to be in the general area, or just visiting, please do drop on by and check us out!  And if you're also interested in participating with us, then triple-step yourself on over and Join The Fun!
3rd Street Swingers
Santa Monica, CA
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Catch Mr. Chuck Cecil's long time radio program, over 50 years, "The Swingin' Years," in the Los Angeles area, tune into KCSN, 88.5 FM, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, Pacific Time, Every Saturday! This is the Longest Running Swing Radio Program in the World!! SO, CHECK IT OUT! It's really one Fabulous, Unique, and Very Gratifying Program!  For syndicated broadcasts of "The Swingin' Years" at other cities or communities across the nation and around the world, please check and contact your local radio station(s).
"OK, All You HepKatz & SwingKatz, Share In the Experience, the Emotion, and the Good News!!  With a Jubilant & Friendly Attitude, Let's All Have Some Good Fun, Unfettered Excitement, Spread the Happiness & Joy, Create Those
Special Memories, and Savor the Precious Moments!!
Let's Celebrate!!! -- Let's Celebrate!!! -- with...
 This WebPage has been authored by Joshua and Jack,  the Website also by Darcy and Kia.
The Annual, per calendar year, Participation Fee for the 2008 season is, $10.
     Please pay this fee to Joshua when you arrive on the premises, and don't forget to
     SIGN-IN for Your Attendance & indicate the $10 Payment Paid
($10PF) on the Log-In 
     Sheet by DATE that's provided at every Promenade event.  To see more of the details,
     check out our
You've Got Protocols webpage. WE THANK YOU!!


All Dances
at Santa Monica's "Third Steet Promenade" will be typically scheduled for the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays of the Month!  Any dances that are scheduled on a 2nd or 4th Sunday of the Month, shall be considered as a Make-Up Dance or a Special Event.  Also, be aware that if any Dance Cancellation In Advance does occur, this would be due to scheduled conflicts with other special events held at the Promenade, local major swing camps, other significant swing related events, or certain holidays. Please do share this important information with your friends and to other swing dancers!  WE THANK YOU!!


As a New or Signed Participant, we highly recommend that you join our Group Emailing List (See Below for Internet Address) to receive info of upcoming dance events held at the Third St. Promenade and elsewhere in the local area!

We are dedicated in broadcasting periodic emailing notices in which we consider to be
"SPECIAL" and/or "UNIQUE" local swing events in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area as follows:

    *  3rd St. Swingers' Dances
    *  Other Outdoor Events
    *  Dance Camps
    *  Lindy Exchanges
    *  Special Performances/Concerts
    *  Non-Weekly/Periodic Events

PLEASE NOTE, we DO NOT broadcast notices for:

    *  Regularly Scheduled Weekly Swing Events
    *  Group/Private Class Schedules
    *  Non-Swing/ Dance Related Events

For those who are Signed Participants & have migrated to a New Email Address, we ask that you update our Group Emailing List (at website) and our Log-In Sheet (at Promenade site) at your earliest convenience.  For our Group Emailing List, just simply click on our Yahoo Groups website and sign up or to update:

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Dance Hours will be from 4:00pm to 8:00pm, typically 4-Hours in duration, unless otherwise noted, &/or notified through our Yahoo Group Email system.  The Outdoor Dance event takes place at Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade, located on the block between Wilshire & Arizona Blvd (or 3 Blocks North of Santa Monica Place Mall), and 3 blocks east of the beautiful sandy beach shores of the Pacific Ocean.

The schedule for upcoming SUNDAY Dances are as follows:

For The 2008 Season (10th Year!!!)
For the Winter Season we will be on Hiatus (go dark)
between 1st of January thru Mid-March of 2008!!!)
*  MARCH 23rd (Season Opener--Easter Sunday)
*  APRIL 6th
     *  APRIL 20th

"Get Yourself on down to the Promenade, & catch the Dance Fever!
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