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A little bit about me

March 2005: After 4 years in New York, I quit my job and am embarking on 2 years of traveling around the world. Follow my progress on my blog.

June 2003: I'm 27 and I live in New York City. I grew up in Los Altos, California. I studied economics at Harvard (class of 1999). Before moving to New York I was an expatriate in Buenos Aires. I moved there in July 1999 and did random internet stuff (like working on my home page). Before this I've traveled a lot in Latin America, taking a year off from college to travel by bus from California to Tierra del Fuego and writing for Let's Go Central America the summer of 1995.


My new photo-weblog [as of June 2003]. Shots of New York or where ever I happen to go.


I like photography and taking pictures quite a lot. Here you can sample some of the shots I have scanned.

Buenos Aires. I lived in buenos aires during 1999 and 2000 and snapped photos of lots of different places and little details related to my life there.

Brazil. I spent two months traveling across Brazil in 2001. Here are the colorful pictures.

September 11, 2001. I was four blocks from the World Trade Center. Here are my pictures and my story.

Me Some of you have come to this website and only care what I look like. This page is for you.

Travelogues & Lists

A small collection of stuff I have written about my travels and a couple of lists. Also lists of the CDs I own and books I have read.


Friends with Home Pages

Photos of Friends and Family. Portraits of people close to me..

Other Stuff

Mostly about stuff in Buenos Aires, like where to get really good empanadas.

My Name

is really Thomas Locke Hobbs. My mother's maiden name is Locke. I did not study fact, during college I specifically avoided it.

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