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Pictures of Buenos Aires

I have lived in Buenos Aires since July of 1999. These are some of the pictures I have snapped while wandering around the city.

Places & Sites

Colorful Windows in La Boca. From the port neighborhood of La Boca, home of the Tango.
Half-Painted building in La Boca. La Boca is known for the Caminito, an alley of very colorfully painted buildings. The city is painting the surrounding buildings with bright colors now too.
Teatro Colon.The stately old opera house in Buenos Aires. I often go after work and sit in the still inexpensive paraiso seets.
Abasto.The old wholesale market that has now been renovated and turned into an upscale shopping mall.
Edificio Kavanagh. Built in 1934 and once Latin America's tallest building.
Uriburu & Santa Fe. Most street corners in Buenos Aires have a cafe, like this one near my apartment.
Casa Rosada.The Pink House, headquarters for the President's office.

Scenes, Details, People

Tangueros Three old men singing tango standards at the San Telmo Street Fair.
A tango street performer. This guy's gimmick is to dance tango with a mannequin. Here he is getting ready
Scenes from the Subte Buenos Aires has the oldest subway system in Latin America, and it shows.
Protesting against the IMF. The winter of 2000 has seen a lot of protests against the government's austerity plan.
Election Posters, "Chorros" Propaganda from the presidential elections in October 1999. "Chorros" means thieves, it's what a friend said when he looked at the photo.
Street Poster of Evita Peron. She remains a powerful symbol for the working classes.
The Super The building superintendent, "encargado", of my old building.
Sifones Colorful spritzer bottles for sale at the San Telmo Antique Fair.
My old apartment building The ugly brick building I called home for my first seven months in Buenos Aires. I was on the second floor. You can see my windows covered with newspaper because I was too lazy to install curtains.
My Fabulous View The view from my former balcony.
Strangled. An awning tied to a sign of school children at a shop that wholesales school uniforms.

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Argentina Links

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Black & White street photos, mostly of the San Telmo fair, very well done, taken by a former resident.

Clarin and La Nacion are the two big daily papers in Buenos Aires. Both websites are quite good (en espaņol, por supuesto)

Buenos Aires Herald, The English langugage newspaper. Very local in it's outlook. The articles have an amusingly British tone, as the paper largely serves the Anglo-Argentine community.

The Economist Survey of Argentina. From May 6, 2000. A good overview of the current economic and political state of the country.

Yahoo Full Coverage: Argentina

Destination Argentina. Lonely Planet's country overview. No specific travel information.

Lonely Planet Discussion Board: South America. A really good bugdet travel discussion board on South America, with frequent topics on Argentina/Buenos Aires.

Fodor's Buenos Aires "Mini-Guide". A lite version of their travel guide with some specific Buenos Aires info on places to stay and eat.

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