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Pictures of Friends and Family

These are some portraits I have taken of friends and family. These are some of my favorites of the many portraits I have taken. Listed in reverse alphabetical order, of course.

Javier Zapiola. He has been very gracious teaching me the worst and most vulgar lunfardo words.

Matt Winters. I've known Matt since high school when we were both in the fall production of "God's Country". We both went East for college and have remained good friends since.

Eric Westby. One of the rare people I can talk to for hours and never get bored or run out of topics.

Chris Tilgman. We shared a suite on the 8th floor of Mather House our Junior year.

Justin Miller. Extremely thoughtful and bright and I often seek out his opinion on many things. And he's gracious enough to respond.

Marcos M.. One of my best friends in Buenos Aires. With his Mom in Mar Del Plata

German Isaurralde. A friend from Rosario helping me out on an assigment for a photo class.

Jerry Hobbs (my dad). Taken when he came down to visit me in buenos aires.

Helen Hobbs (my grandmother). Taken when I went to visit my grandparents in Salem, Indiana.

Lauren Geetter. A former fellow expat I know from Buenos Aires. She's back the states now and I miss our interminable phone chats.

Hugh Dubberly. Lives in Calfornia. I often seek his advice on design and typograhpic matters.

Brunch in Buenos Aires. Importing the best of American Culture; brunch with champagne mimosas

Jean Denis Blanc. An electric personality and a riot to be with. Since he left Buenos Aires for his native France we've all missed him terribly

Other Pictures to See

Buenos Aires. I have lived in buenos aires since July of 1999 and have snapped photos of lots of different places and little details related to my life here.

Torres del Paine. In February of 2000 I took a vacation and spent five days hiking in the Torres del Paine national Park in the Chilean Patagonia.

Pictures of Me. A self portrait taken in Punta Arenas in Feb. of 2000.

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