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Pictures of Torres del Paine

In February 2000 I spent a little over a week back-packing in Torres del Paine, a national park in the far south of Chile. The park is home to a spectacular range of granite mountains, the last gasp of the Andes, and the famous granite towers. Unfortunately it was cloudy the day I hiked up to see the Torres so I don't have any good pictures of them. Still, I present you with some of the other amazing wonders of the park.

Valle Frances 1 (80k). A high mountain valley, ringed by mountains and heavily glaciated.

Valle Frances 2 (92k). Another view, of Los Cuernos, which peer over the entrance to the valley.

Los Cuernos. Los Cuernos from the lakes below.

Glaciar Gray (92k) The park sits at the southern end of the South American ice cap.

Lago Pehoe (70k) The mountains are ringed by these lovely lakes, colored emerald by the run-off.

The Forest (166k) Parts of the park are covered with these squat decidous trees.

Ottoway Sound (74k) Near Punta Arenas. Not in Torres del Paine.

Fences in Patagonia. Most of Patagonia is flat grassland which extends to the horizon.

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