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5/7/04 - Should I feel like it's my "duty" to at least write on this page every once in a while so people know I'm still around, not dead, etc...? I look at my site statistics and see people have come in and looked around from a variety of areas. I'm excited about that, even though it's been some time since I've put any effort into the site itself and I could add quite a few more reviews and commentaries, etc... It's not that I've not been out, although not as much. It's just that my life has been such that when I finally found time to relax, I did just that - relaxed and fell alseep in front of my TV. If only one could write and do web design while driving, this site would surpass my wildest expectations. But, for now anyway, that's not possible.

Anyway, I wanted to say that miss doing this site. I miss "purposefully" going out and seeing or going somewhere new just to write about it. Most of all, I miss writing. I miss the "designing." I miss sharing experiences. I'll try to do better.

Keep in touch, please, everyone. Feel free to write to me, motivate me, commentate, and contribute even! And please, go to the music section to keep track of who I'm dying to go see at Summerfest!! :-) ~ CA

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