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THE best places to catch a movie!

  • Landmark Theatres
    The best indie and quality films in 2 classic movie houses. If I'm going to see a movie - I always check the Landmarks first - not just for the best flick, but the non-sterile environment by people who know and care about film... where money is not the bottom line (although munchies are still a little pricey!).

  • The Times Cinema
    5906 West Vliet Street * (414)453-2436

  • Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse
    Not the highest quality theatre experience, but something you always wished you could do!! Lay back on a velvet couch, put your beer on the table next to you, and relax!! It's cool!!

The movie you shouldn't miss!

  • American Movie
    Documentary of Milwaukee filmmaker, Mark Borchardt, and his struggle to finish filming one of his many projects. Winner of the Grand Jury award at Sundance. Rent it. Better yet, buy it. Or buy supplemental merchandise of American Movie or Coven. Support the man who lives for his dream!

milwaukee sites


  • On Milwaukee, the definitive web site to plan just about anything in town.
  • Shepherd Express - I HATE their site, but I love the paper, and you can find out about music around town (but you can at OnMilwaukee, too!)
  • Digital City Milwaukee - not as good as onmilwaukee.com, but a good 2nd choice. :-)
  • Rocket Guide - Milwaukee & Chicago, etc... good site for ALPHABETICAL searches.
  • Milwaukee One - again... not onmilwaukee.com, but... obnoxious and busy site design.
  • Milwaukee Magazine - Not so much for music, but a great dining guide, "best of" listings, and you can search their archives for past articles of local interest.
  • Cream City Suds - find a bar!

Sad to see that Walkers Point and Old World Third Street don't have sites.

get out!


METRA - $5.00 unlimited rides all weekend. Can't beat it. Check the schedule!

Live Music Chicago

Chicago Nights - find a club by music genre

Center Stage Chicago

House of Blues - They're more than blues!! Very cool venue!

The Vic - The Vic Theater! Check the schedule!!

Schuba's - Great club, great acts!

Lettuce Entertain You - Restaurants of uncompromising charm & quality!! (my favorite is Papagus!)

Chicago Art Institute - You've never been there?? You have to be kidding me!!!

Carol Ehlers Gallery


The Barrymore Theatre

Cafe Montmartre - world most obnoxious page.

Party Web - check this out!! the marvel of the modern age. 


Cedarburg Home Page

... for my friends
some may live in Milwaukee, some may not!!


Drummer, "rock star," & band whore, college professor, audio engineer, writer, thinker, drinker, mac head, sweetheart, and always a bright light in my life. His site is under construction as of 5/01. Stay tuned!! Give him a job - preferably in the Midwest!


You can't categorize Brian's music... unique synth/trip/dance/hop/techno stuff - all recorded in the comfort of his own Chicago apartment. :-) Now... if he would just finish "Syria" for me!!! Still might put those lyrics on the site, short as they are.


Dragons & damsels, romantic & sweet, agonized & pained, poetry & novels.... That's my dear friend Craig, who I am forever grateful to for so many things, but especially for "turning me on" to Lucifaere. :-) (find them on Napster or something similar if you can!!) I'm proud to say that I did the logo for his "Soul Shadows" book, as well as helping with the brainstorming for the title.

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